Meet Jill Stein in Madison Monday June 30th!

p_jill_stein_speech.jpgExciting news - 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is coming to Madison! Dr. Stein will be in Madison on Monday, June 30th to meet with Wisconsinites and share her thoughts about building a progressive political movement independent of the corporate-sponsored Republican and Democratic parties.

WHAT: Independent progressive politics in Wisconsin: A conversation with Jill Stein
WHEN: Monday June 30th, 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant, 7 W Main St, Madison (on Capitol Square)
WHO: Jill Stein, 2012 Green presidential candidate, and Ron Hardy, 2014 Green WI State Treasurer candidate

See details and RSVP for a conversation with Jill Stein on Monday night.

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Green Wisconsin Newsletter: Summer 2014

Green_Wisconsin_Summer_2014_thumb.pngThe Summer 2014 edition of Green Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Green Party's newsletter, is here! The Summer issue features statements from our Green candidates for Fall 2014 elections: Ron Hardy for State Treasurer, Lawrence Dale for US House of Representatives District 7, and Michael LaForest for State Assembly District 47, as well as a report from our Spring gathering in Madison and information about upcoming WIGP events.

Click here for a PDF version of our Summer 2014 Green Wisconsin newsletter.

Mike LaForest for State Assembly District 47 campaign blog

p_Michael_LaForest.jpgMike LaForest, the Wisconsin Green Party's candidate for State Assembly in District 47 (covering areas South and East of Madison including McFarland and parts of Fitchburg, Monona and Blooming Grove) has started a campaign blog to share his ideas with the people he is running to represent. His first posts include "Toward a Responsible Government: Political Discourse Today" and "Real Support for Farmers and Agriculture in 'America's Dairyland'".

Read Mike LaForest's blog - and learn more about his campaign - on his website.

NEW DATE: Meet Jill Stein in Madison Sunday 4/27

p_Jill_Stein.jpgOn Sunday 4/27 (note new date), 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will be in Madison to meet Wisconsinites and give a brief talk on building a sustainable progressive political alternative in Wisconsin.

She will be joined by Ron Hardy, Wisconsin Green Party candidate for State Treasurer.

Come meet Jill and Ron and share your thoughts on how to build the Green movement in Wisconsin!

Click here to see event details and RSVP.

Wisconsin Greens endorse 3 candidates for Fall 2014 elections, launch petition drive

WIGP_logo_medium.gifOn April 12th the Wisconsin Green Party voted unanimously to endorse 3 candidates for the Fall 2014 election cycle: Ron Hardy for State Treasurer, Lawrence Dale for US House of Representatives District 7, and Michael LaForest for State Assembly District 47.

"This is a great day for Wisconsin - this November, everyone in our state will have the chance to vote for a party that stands for peace, justice, ecology, and real grassroots democracy - which means getting the corrupting influence of big money out of our Capitol," said WIGP co-chair Dave Schwab of Madison.

Green Party members also resolved to gather at least 4,000 signatures by June 2nd, double the number of valid signatures required to put a candidate for statewide office on the ballot.

Read on for more information about our Green candidates, and how you can help put them on the ballot!

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Wisconsin Green Party Spring Gathering Sat. 4/12 in Madison

WIGP_group_photo_Oshkosh_6-13.jpgThe Wisconsin Green Party will hold our 2014 Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 12th in Madison. At the gathering, we'll vote on endorsing candidates in several key campaigns, discuss plans for growing the party and participating in the Global Climate Convergence, and hold a forum on key economic issues like the campaign for a living wage.

The Spring Gathering is open to all members of the Wisconsin Green Party, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the WIGP.

The day's agenda will be divided into two parts:

10am - 1pm: Meeting to work on state party business (recommended for all Greens who are interested in discussing and voting on state party business)

2pm - 4pm: Economic issues forum and discussion (recommended for everyone interested in learning more about the Wisconsin Green Party)

Click here to see the full agenda and RSVP for the WI Green Party Spring Gathering.

WHAT: Wisconsin Green Party 2014 Spring Gathering
WHEN: Saturday, April 12th, 10am-4pm (afternoon forum 2pm-4pm)
WHERE: Ambrosia Cooperative, 225 E Lakelawn Pl, Madison

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Green Party endorsements in Dane County April 2014 elections

p_heidi_wegleitner.jpgOn March 1st the Four Lakes Green Party voted to endorse 3 candidates who will be up for election to the Dane County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, April 1st: Heidi Wegleitner in District 2, Kyle Richmond in District 4, and Leland Pan in District 5. All three have led the way in efforts to reduce poverty, protect our environment, and give voice to needed reforms such as public banking and marijuana legalization.

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Green Wisconsin Newsletter: Spring 2014

Green_Wisconsin_Spring_2014_thumb.pngThe Spring 2014 edition of Green Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Green Party's newsletter, is here! There are a variety of articles on topics including the proposed Penokee Hills iron mine, the benefits of legalizing hemp/marijuana, how Greens make a difference in local office, 2013 election results, the Green Shadow Cabinet, the Global Climate Convergence, and WIGP state and local meeting announcements.

Click here for a PDF version of our Spring 2014 Green Wisconsin newsletter.

WI Greens take strong stands on mining, marijuana, minimum wage; call for 2014 candidates

WIGP_2013FM_Carl_Sack.jpgAt the Wisconsin Green Party 2013 Fall membership meeting in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 9th, Greens from around Wisconsin made bold proposals for the state’s future while calling on their fellow Wisconsinites to join the Green Party and run for office.

Delegates began the meeting by amending the state party’s platform to call for rigorous environmental safeguards against mining pollution, legalization of marijuana, and a $15 inflation-adjusted minimum wage. Proposals to charter a publicly-owned state Bank of Wisconsin and institute election reforms including independent redistricting, instant runoff voting, and proportional representation were also added to the platform by consensus, as were planks calling for paid sick leave and opposing the school voucher system of public money for private schools.

At the meeting, the Wisconsin Green Party agreed to recruit and support at least one statewide candidate in 2014, with the goal of winning a ballot line for the party.

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Wisconsin Green Party calls for candidates for 2014 Spring and Fall elections

The Wisconsin Green Party is currently recruiting candidates for 2014 Spring and Fall elections. Have you considered running for local or state office, or do you know someone who is considering a run? We’d like to talk with you about the possibilities - let us know that you're interested in running and we'll get in touch soon!