Wisconsin Recount Observer Information

Updated December 4, 12:45 pm

To sign  as a volunteer:  http://www.jill2016.com/rsvpwi


Filling Reports is important!  http://www.jill2016.com/wiobserverreport

Election observer hotline number: 608-720-1060. Take pictures and file an objection if you see anything. Call the number if you need assistance. You may also call:

608-720-1061, 62, 63
608-720-1070, 71, 72, 73

Join the Observer Facebook Group to coordinate activities

Volunteer info / county leads self-identifying: [email protected]

Ward Counting Reports / end-of-day reports: [email protected]

Incident reports: (or call the hotline too at (608) 720-1060) : [email protected]

Send observer report files to Jill2016.com  and you can view them here

Simplified election observer instructions

Incident report form

Ward Counting Worksheet

Observer introductory training video

Milwaukee County & 4th CD Observers - Contact Julie Enslow [email protected] for scheduling assignments

Watch the Waukesha County recount live

Recount results from the State of Wisconsin


Attached below is a copy of the Wisconsin Recount Observer Manual.  More information will be posted here soon (graphs, additional instructions) so please check back often.

We are working hard to contact all election observers with their assignments.  if you have not heard from the Stein Recall Team, please know you will hear something soon.

If you have not yet signed up to volunteer, please do so here.


Click here to download the Recount Observer Manual

State of Wisconsin recount results

From the State of Wisconsin:  Wisconsin Recount Procedures 

Video of Muskego training session

Unofficial election results by county

FAQ on the recount

 Beyond the Recount - Support local Wisconsin Green candidates 

A good article from Truth-Out by Greg Palast

Chart of Wisconsin results vs. exit polls

Chart of Wisconsin senate results vs. exit polls

Chart of North Carolina results vs. exit polls

Chart of Pennsylvania results vs. exit polls

Chart of Florida results vs. exit polls

Find the address of your recount locations here

Uncertified ward by ward election results

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