2020 Candidates

The Must-Know-Info in a Pandemic Election Year

While legislators in Wisconsin try to suppress candidates' rights to run for office by refusing to implement relief from petitioning during the Safer At Home lockdowns, Green candidates are doing their best to gain ballot access, but could use your help!  The following Green endorsed candidates are currently petitioning for ballot access:

Jeff Jacobs for 54th Assembly District (Oshkosh Area)

Jeff Jacobs is currently working on his literal "camp pain" from  712 Merritt Avenue Oshkosh for people to stop by and sign his petition at any time.  Jeff set up a tent to camp in front of his home, and he maintains tables in front of his tent containing his nomination papers, pens, and PPE.  Not only is this Jeff's creative way to gain ballot access during the Safer At Home executive order and its continuing advisories from the Wisconsin Health Department, it is also his way of keeping immuno-compromised family members safe in the process.  He is also happy to have signatures sent to him or have them picked up as well. Jeff needs at least 200 signatures by June 1st from his district pictured here: https://ballotpedia.org/Wisconsin_State_Assembly_District_54#/media/File:WI_HD_54.JPG If you or someone you know would like to help Jeff and sign his petition, you can use this online tool to find and print it: Follow this link and enter your name and address to get the nomination paper

Jeff Jacobs maintains a Green platform of cannabis legalization, a ban on corporate money in elections, a repeal of "right to work laws" and to instead grow worker protections, support for ranked-choice voting, and science-based policies including The Green New Deal to confront climate devastation.  In the wake of COVID-19, he emphasizes the importance of emergency preparedness for the state.  Jeff is running against Gordon Hintz (D), who has been elected since 2006, would otherwise likely run unopposed as he did in the last election. 

 Learn more on Jeff's website


Eric Hildeman for 17th Assembly District (Milwaukee Area)

Eric "Hildy" Hildeman is running on a three-point platform of election reform, women's reproductive rights, and opposing right-wing extremism.  He needs over 200 signatures by June 1st in order to gain ballot access in his district pictured here: https://ballotpedia.org/File:WI_HD_17.JPG  If you or anyone you know is eligible to vote (you don't have to be registered, only have the right to register), you can help Eric get on the ballot by filling out his nomination papers through this online tool: Follow this link and enter your name and address to get the nomination paper

Learn more on Eric's website

Learn More on Eric's Facebook Page


The Wisconsin Green Party is still working to obtain relief from petitioning, but as that battle continues, our candidates and their teams are working their hardest to follow the petitioning orders in place for ballot access.


How to fill out nomination papers from home:

1) Print the papers from the links above

2) Follow the instructions on the signing line for the signature, printed name, and address information.

3) If other members of your household can sign, have them follow the same process below your signature, but if not, skip to step 4.

4) Fill out the information at the bottom of the nomination papers to say you are the circulator, and fill out your address, the date and your signature.  Leave the page numbers blank for the candidate please.

5) Either mail it to the candidate (they have a June 1st deadline to get the nomination papers together and send them to the state house), drop them off at the candidate's address, or call the candidates (their phone numbers are listed on their websites) to arrange curbside pickup of the papers.

Thank you so much for your support in these trying times.


Presidential Nomination Papers:

Though petitioning to get our presidential candidate on the ballot has not yet started, the period is coming up quickly this summer.  We are calling for volunteers to reach our signature goals, and would love to have you join our team.  Comment "petition" to get valuable petitioning resources as soon as possible.  We are the people we've been waiting for to build a Green future!

You can also contribute to our Elections Fund today to help us continue our record of electing Green-endorsed candidates to local office! 

Check out My Vote Wisconsin for your local voting information, including:

  • Your next voting date and location.
  • Online registration.
  • Who’s on the ballot (Ballots are typically available 47 days before an election with federal contests and 21 days before state and local contests.)