2019 Candidates

What We Stand For:

  • Cannabis legalization.

  • Single-payer healthcare.

  • Election integrity.

  • Funding public schools.

  • Repair roads and infrastructure.

  • Reform drug/pharmaceutical policies and pricing.

  • Green New Deal.

  • No money from corporations, lobbyists, or PACs!

Check out My Vote Wisconsin for your local voting information, including:

  • Your next voting date and location.
  • Online registration.
  • Who’s on the ballot (Ballots are typically available 47 days before an election with federal contests and 21 days before state and local contests.)

Primaries: Tuesday, February 19th

General: Tuesday, April 2nd


Bob Peterson, Milwaukee Board of School Directors

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Bob Peterson

Adam Kassulke, Greenfield Board of Education

Facebook | Donate to Adam's Campaign


Primaries: Tuesday, February 19th (Review your ballot!)

Ananda Mirilli, seat #5 for the Madison School Board

Facebook | Ballotpedia

Ananda Mirilli

Ali Muldrow, seat #4 for the Madison School Board

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Ali Muldrow

Satya Rhodes-Conway, for Mayor of Madison

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Madison Aldermanic Races

Patrick Heck, District-2

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Patrick Heck

Matthew Mitnick, District-8

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Matthew Mitnick

Diane Farsetta, District-12

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Diane Farsetta

Grant Foster, District-15

Campaign Website | Ballotpedia

Grant Foster