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Four Lakes Greens: Take action against expanding mass incarceration in Dane County!

From the Four Lakes Green Party: The Dane County Board is voting tonight on a resolution that would massively expand spending on the already-bloated Dane County Jail expansion project - a huge investment in mass incarceration that belies county officials' talk about seeking meaningful alternatives to mass incarceration. Please read the below message from our friends in the Decarcerate Dane coalition, and take action against expanding mass incarceration in our community before 6:25pm tonight! $24 million more for an already-too-expensive jail is back on the council agenda this week. Join us in saying CARE, NOT CAGES!  Register by 6:25pm on Thursday 3/3 to OPPOSE item K1 Continue reading

Four Lakes Greens: No War With Russia Rally - Madison WI

Join the Four Lakes Greens, CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, Progressive Dane, Madison Democratic Socialists of America, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin, No F-35 Action Faction, and our antiwar allies on February 5, 2022 at noon on the Capital Square near State Street to demand an end to the drumbeat of war with Russia over Ukraine! We will gather by the Capitol steps near State Street with signs and noisemakers to protest and resist the normalization of war and demand that not a single bullet or gun be sent to Ukraine! No New Troops or Arms to Eastern Europe! Diplomacy not war! After gathering at the Capitol, we will cross the street for a picket outside Senator Tammy Baldwin's office at 30 W Mifflin to demand she and other WI representatives oppose the bill to send $500M in weapons to Ukraine, and to protest her support for basing F-35 fighter jets in Madison. RSVP HERE For more information on the Ukraine crisis and Green solutions, see the Green Party US statement "Stop the Saber-Rattling! Greens call for Immediate Diplomacy to Resolve Ukraine Crisis"

Wisconsin Green Party supports regulating PFAS, calls to eradicate toxic water pollution

The Wisconsin Green Party supports regulations to limit the amount of cancer-causing PFAS chemicals in our water. These so-called “forever chemicals” are clearly linked to life-threatening diseases, and even tiny trace amounts can cause deadly harm to human and animal health. We call on all Wisconsinites to submit public comments to the Department of Natural Resources by the deadline of Tuesday, January 11th, supporting the strictest possible rules to reduce the amount of PFAS in our water as close as possible to zero. Please submit a comment to the DNR today. You can see the full text of the proposed rule here. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party Co-Chair Calls Rittenhouse Verdict "Bright Green Light For Vigilantism"

Wisconsin Green Party (WIGP) Co-Chair Jo’Nathan Kingfisher said the not-guilty verdict in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse “is a bright green light that it is open season on political targets.” Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in the shooting deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz, now 28. The verdict “is a clear message for political vigilantes to go intimidate and instigate, trying to get a reaction and try to kill in the name of self-defense,” Kingfisher said. Continue reading

Take Action on AB627

A bill introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature seeks to broaden the ability of the state to terminate the parental rights of incarcerated individuals. AB627, a partisan bill sponsored and introduced by Assembly Republicans, would allow for the involuntary termination of parental rights of inmates whose incarceration is considered “substantial” or “repeated” by the juvenile court.   Continue reading

WI Green Party Newsletter Fall 2021

The Wisconsin Green Party Fall 2021 newsletter is here! Click here to view a downloadable PDF version of the newsletter.

WI Green Party 2021 Fall Gathering 11/13 with Jill Stein

The Wisconsin Green Party 2021 Fall Gathering state membership meeting will be held on Saturday November 13, 2021. The theme of the gathering will be "Facing the Climate Crisis" and we're excited to welcome special guest speaker Dr. Jill Stein, pioneering environmental health advocate and 2-time Green Party presidential nominee. Go here for more information and to RSVP for the 2021 WIGP Fall Gathering.

Peace Action Wisconsin Vigil

On August 7th, Peace Action Wisconsin will be holding a vigil for the bombings of Hiroshima. Ally's of the Peace movement are invited to attend. Continue reading

Rally for Julian Assange! Downtown MKE 10am Sat

Downtown Milwaukee – Meet Julian Assange’s Father and Brother, John and Gabriel Shipton! Sat Jun 19, 10am-noon, downtown, E WI Ave, just north of the Sunburst Sculpture As part of the #homerun4julian USA tour to save Julian’s life – public rally outside near the Sunburst Sculpture. Chat with the Shiptons as they discuss Julian – the peace advocate and publisher currently in Belmarsh prison.   Continue reading

Statement on the Israel/Palestine Conflict

The Wisconsin Green Party recognizes the intricacies of the Israel/Palestine conflict and offers this statement in support of the victims on both sides and in criticism of the violence deployed and deplored. Continue reading