Honoring Jacob Coxey's Army and the Struggle for Economic Justice

On this day, 129 years ago, Jacob Coxey's Army of unemployed workers began their historic march on Washington D.C. As the Wisconsin Green Party, we commemorate this significant event in the history of workers' rights and economic justice. In these trying times, when the issues of unemployment, economic inequality, and ecological crisis are more relevant than ever, we are reminded of the importance of grassroots activism and the power of ordinary people to effect change.
In 1894, amidst the backdrop of a severe economic depression, Jacob Coxey led a group of unemployed workers from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington D.C. Their mission was to demand government intervention in the form of a public works program that would provide jobs and alleviate the suffering of the jobless. Coxey's Army was met with both support and opposition along the way, but their determination and resilience ultimately inspired similar marches across the country.

While their efforts did not lead to immediate policy changes, the marchers' actions planted the seeds for future labor movements and social welfare programs, such as the New Deal in the 1930s. The spirit of Jacob Coxey's Army lives on today, as we continue to fight for economic justice, workers' rights, and a sustainable future for all.

As the Wisconsin Green Party, we recognize the importance of learning from history and drawing inspiration from those who have fought for a better world. Today, we are confronted with a triple crisis – economic, ecological, and social – that demands transformative solutions. We understand that addressing these crises requires the same kind of grassroots mobilization and solidarity that characterized Coxey's Army"

In the spirit of Jacob Coxey and his Army of the unemployed, the Wisconsin Green Party is dedicated to advocating for a just transition to a sustainable, equitable, and ecologically sound economy. We believe that by standing up for workers' rights, promoting economic justice, and fighting for ecological balance, we can create a better future for all Wisconsinites.

We invite you to join us in this fight, as we continue to honor the legacy of Jacob Coxey and the countless others who have marched for justice throughout history. Together, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable and just society, leaving no one behind.

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