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WI Greens: No F-35s in Madison!

The Wisconsin Green Party stands in opposition to the proposed addition of 18 F-35 multirole combat aircraft to Truax Field in Madison. The proposed F-35 expansion at Truax field would have major negative impacts on public health, quality of life and the environment in our state capital. We urge everyone in Wisconsin who cares about our future to voice their opposition to this project now. Submit a public comment now to say no to F-35s in Madison before the deadline Friday! Read on for details about why bringing F-35s to Madison is a bad idea for people, planet and peace. Continue reading

Poll: Religion and Church in Your Life

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ANM 2019 Blog

Have you heard the 2019 Annual National Meeting is a month away in Salem, Massachusetts???  We hope you can join us out there, or at least follow along online with the events.  It is a great opportunity to network with Greens around the country, get more involved in the issues that are most important to you, and learn about our 2020 presidential candidates and lots of Green ideas.  When we say 'a lot of ideas,' we mean to say more people proposed workshops than ever before.  In fact, the WIGP co-chairs will be presenting one as well. If you would like to experience all of this live and in person, you can find all the details here. If you cannot attend, please consider donating to our scholarship fund in order to send more Wisconsin Greens to represent our state.  As a party, we are working toward a model of politics which does not hinder people from participating based on their socioeconomic status, and with your help, we can give more people that freedom this year.   If would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, and make a fellow Green's day, click here. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please send a statement telling us why you would be a good scholarship candidate to [email protected] for the Coordinating Council's review with the subject Scholarship Candidate by July 5th.  Please also include information about which costs you would need help covering, like meals, housing, transportation, and registration, and how long you plan to stay. There may be cheaper options for you on some of these items as well if you would like to carpool with other Greens or stay with Green Rainbow Party members from Massachusetts.  For more information about carpooling and housing click here. Go Green!

Favorite Presidential Candidate So Far

Who is your favorite Presidential candidate so far!? Continue reading

Happy Juneteenth, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Green Party wants to wish everyone a happy Juneteenth to celebrate the expansion of freedom in America!   For those of you who haven't heard of Juneteenth, it was started by slaves freed in Texas after the Civil War.  June Nineteenth (1865), shortened to Juneteenth, marks the day Union General Granger came to Texas, the final place slavery was still thriving in the Confederacy, to make everyone aware that the emancipation proclamation would be enforced in all states.  Clearly, the freedom they gained was highly restricted.  Yet, celebrating victories when we can is very important in the fight for all people to enjoy freedom and equality. Since that time, several social justice movements have advanced American freedom and equality, and many are still doing great work today... Continue reading

Cannabis Legalization

In November 2018, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that “all advisory referendums on marijuana use in Tuesday's general election — from approving medical purposes only to all-out legalization for adults — were supported by solid majorities in the 16 counties where they were placed on the ballot.” Continue reading

Being Safe Online

At least 186 EU ISPs use deep-packet inspection to shape traffic, break net neutrality. Many of us already know we lost the battle for Net Neutrality. Behind the scenes, we’re working on integrating security and privacy into our internet traffic by default with upcoming technology such as Wi-Fi 6, WPA3, and quantum internet in the future. Those aren’t here yet... Continue reading

Vote at the WCC Hearing Today

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress has its annual hearing today at 7PM in every county in Wisconsin.  During these hearings you have the opportunity to: a) Vote for two delegates (or more if your county is missing any of its five delegates) / run as a delegate b) Provide your input on citizen resolutions / present a citizen resolution c) Provide your input on lots of advisory questions What is the WCC?  It is an elected office in the State of Wisconsin which advises the Natural Resource Board on environmental policies.  Wisconsin is the only state which has such an office.  Greens in a few counties will be running, but any county resident may run by self-nominating at the hearing.  All candidates are allowed 3 minutes to state their cases before the folks who are in attendance vote.  If you want to present a citizen resolution, there are guidelines on the WI DNR website under WCC.  Such resolutions must be relevant for the WCC or within the Natural Resources Board/DNR scope.  This is a great place to get involved in your community through environmental issues. Elections happen first at these meetings, so you may want to get there a bit early for the ID check.  Once you are finished voting for all of the items you want, you are not obligated to stay through the entire hearing (unless you are presenting a citizen resolution, then you must stay long enough to present it).  Follow the link to learn more: Wisconsin Conservation Congress 2019 Hearing.  We hope to see you there tonight. Go Green!

Support the Green 2019 Elections Fund!

Spring elections are coming up quickly on April 2nd. Wisconsin Greens have endorsed 9 candidates in local government races. We have a great opportunity to elect community leaders who share our values of peace, justice, democracy, and ecology - but only if we do everything we can to help them win. Please contribute to our elections fund today to help us continue our record of electing Green-endorsed candidates to local office!  All contributions will go to help our endorsed candidates reach voters with literature, advertising and other critical outreach to get out the vote. Generous Green donors will match the first $1000 in contributions! Every little bit helps - please pitch in what you can to help our hard-working Green candidates finish strong, whether it's $20, $50, $100 or more! Go to our candidates page for more info about our endorsed candidates.

WI Green Party Coordinating Council Election 2018

At the Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering in Milwaukee, we decided to do things differently this year: to open up our elections for the WIGP Coordinating Council to Green Party members across the state, even if they weren’t able to be at the Fall Gathering. If you’re not already a dues-paying member of the WI Green Party, please join up right now! As we said at our recent gathering, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and no one is going to fund our revolution for people, planet and peace but ourselves. Once your membership is renewed, check out our Coordinating Council Election page for more information about how to vote - and how to run - for our party’s highest decision-making body. Continue reading