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Four Lakes Greens endorse Yogesh Chawla for Dane County Board

The Four Lakes Green Party has endorsed Yogesh Chawla for Dane County Board in the 4-way race in District 6, where longtime Supervisor John Hendrick is stepping down. Yogesh’s commitment to bold progressive values, impressive command of the issues, and track record of community activism set him apart in this race. The Four Lakes Greens urge all District 6 residents who share our values of grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence and ecology to support Yogesh Chawla in the February 20 primary and the April 3 general election. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party seeks 2018 local and state candidates

Have you thought about running for office? Even if you haven’t, consider the following: Americans have never been closer to rebellion against the political establishment. National polls show that a record high 61% of Americans - including 71% of millennials - agree that the establishment parties are failing us, and that we need a new major party.With local and state elections coming up, now is a great time to think about running for office as a Wisconsin Green to help build the movement for people, planet, and peace over profit.If you're considering running for office, let us know and we'll get in touch to discuss the possibilities! Continue reading

Report from the 2017 WIGP Fall Gathering

We wanted to share some highlights from the 2017 Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering to keep you informed and empower you to get involved with the party for people, planet, and peace over profit. Our gathering was a spirited exercise in grassroots democracy, with lively discussion and debate about building active local chapters across the state, running more campaigns at all levels, raising the funds we need to support a growing party, and how we can get our message out to reach the 61% of Americans who are fed up with the broken 2-party system. Continue reading

WI Greens Party 2017 Fall Gathering Nov. 11 in Muskego

The Wisconsin Green Party’s Fall Gathering will be hosted by the Waukesha Greens on Saturday November 11th. This is an especially important membership meeting, as we are coming up on local, state and federal elections. All members will have the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting our party and discussions aimed at growing the WI Greens into the transformational political force that we need. Click here to see details about the WIGP Fall Gathering!

WI Greens Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Fall 2017 issue of Green Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Green Party's newsletter, is here! Read about what Greens are doing around the state, including new active chapters, a longtime WI Green elected as a Green Party US national officer, and our upcoming Fall Gathering. Enjoy the issue and let us know what you think!  

Greens support Fabi Maldonado for Racine Mayor

The Racine Green Party is supporting Fabi Maldonado for Mayor of Racine in a special election. The primary is September 19, after which the top two vote-getters of six candidates will advance to the runoff on October 17. Campaign Manager Zack Gwin wrote the following on the campaign to elect Fabi Maldonado Mayor: Racine was once a city that hung its hat on the many successful manufacturing companies that called it home. That time, unfortunately, has come, gone, and has long since rusted through. Amidst the slow decline of the industry the city was built on, our citizens bore the brunt of the consequences. Over the last four decades our people here have voted Democrats into office with hopes that their promises of implementing progressive change would be acted upon. Continue reading

Stop the Foxconn Con, say WI Greens

The Foxconn deal is an escalation of Wisconsin’s race to the bottom. It sets a dangerous precedent in multiple ways. Firstly, the corporate subsidies Foxconn will be receiving will be record amounts. Never before has a company received such lavish appropriations. Secondly, the environmental waivers Foxconn will be granted are vast in scope. Never before have these waivers been so permissive. Lastly, Foxconn’s abysmal treatment of workers stands out, even in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. Never before have we accepted a company with this atrocious of a labor record. If we are giving record amounts of money and waivers to a foreign company, what is to stop any other company, domestic or foreign, from demanding the same appeasements. Continue reading

Join us at the WIGP Spring gathering June 1st in Stevens Point!

Join us at the Wisconsin Green Party Spring Gathering!Over coffee, we'll begin the morning with check-ins from our local chapters and news from around the state, nation, and world.After that, we'll hear from activists in a panel discussion on several environmental issues facing the state and the various ways we can get involved to create the changes that need to occur.After lunch, we'll have some business to conduct and some exciting announcements to make. Continue reading

Special Elections Report for April 2017

8 Greens were elected in the April 4th special elections in Illinois and Wisconsin! Continue reading