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Four Lakes Green Party Statement of Solidarity with Green Party Lavender Caucus

The Four Lakes Green Party chapter of the Wisconsin Green Party passed the following statement on June 17, 2020: In matters of identity, the Green Party takes its lead from the caucuses as experts of their own lived and collective experience. The National Lavender Green Caucus has told us that the “Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights” is "a document intended to deny trans people their bodily autonomy and freedom of expression." AND "The National Women’s Caucus affirms our support of the Green Party platform section concerning Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. We support our colleagues in the Lavender Caucus in achieving and defending these rights. Our caucus policy is that transgender women are women. We do not support the division and oppression of one oppressed group by further oppressing another." The Four Lakes Green Party stands with the caucuses and other committees of the Green Party of the United States in affirming our support for all women and rejecting oppression.

WI Green Party 2020 Presidential Nomination Vote Results

Wisconsin Greens have voted and the results are in! In the presidential preference vote, 50% of first-round votes went to Howie Hawkins, 47% to Dario Hunter, 1.6% to David Rolde and 1.6% to none of the above. With 4 delegates available, Hawkins and Hunter win 2 delegates each.  Barbara Dahlgren, Jo’Nathan Kingfisher, Mike McCallister, and Tiffany Anderson were chosen as delegates to the Green Party US Presidential Nominating Convention. Dave Schwab, Jennifer Kedroske, Nero Grok-Gallagher, and Monte Letourneau were chosen as alternate delegates. A proposed WIGP bylaws amendment to lower the voting threshold from two-thirds to 60% was approved by 90% of the vote. Thank you to the candidates who took the time to join us at our Spring Gathering to speak about the issues, and thank you to the Green Party members who participated! Read on for a full breakdown of the results. Continue reading

WI Green Party 2020 Presidential Nomination Vote April 18-21

The Wisconsin Green Party 2020 Spring membership vote is open from now until Tuesday April 21 at 11:59pm. There are 3 things on the ballot: the Green Party Presidential nomination vote, election of WIGP delegates to the Green Party US Presidential Nominating Convention, and a proposed amendment to the WIGP bylaws to lower the party's voting threshold from two-thirds to 60%. All dues-paying WIGP members in good standing are eligible to vote. To join or renew your membership, go here.  To guarantee that you receive a ballot before voting closes, your membership must be current by Tuesday April 21 at 8pm Central time. Read on for more information about what's on the ballot and how to vote. Continue reading

WI Greens Spring Gathering & Presidential Nominating Convention on April 18

The Wisconsin Green Party 2020 Spring Gathering and Presidential Nominating Convention will be held on Saturday April 18, 2020. Go here for live updates on the gathering. Due to precautions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic this gathering will be held virtually using video-conferencing software. Attendees will be sent information about how to join the gathering online after they register. For details about the gathering and to RSVP, go here. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party COVID-19 Response Plan and Stimulus Package

The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge to our society. It has already exposed deep failures in our political and economic system, including the failure of our pay-or-die healthcare system, the failure of government officials to listen to scientists’ warnings, and the failure of our economic system to continuously protect working people. We cannot expect the same political class that left us woefully unprepared for this crisis to solve it. Instead, we must raise our voices and demand real solutions to the systemic problems that have led both our healthcare system and economy to the brink of collapse once again. In solidarity with Green leaders around the nation, the Wisconsin Green Party proposes a COVID-19 response plan and stimulus package aimed at addressing both the current crisis and the underlying weaknesses that led to it. We encourage people across the nation to join us in demanding our government immediately enact these urgently-needed policies at the local state and federal levels: Continue reading

Howard Switzer, How We Pay for the World We Want: Slides Under More

We expect to do this again soon.Keep an eye out here, in Facebook, or your email. How We Pay for the World We Want! Organizer: Milwaukee Green Party  Howard Switzer is a Tennessee Green Party founder and residential architect who has built healthy homes of earth and straw in 10 states.In 2006 he started the “Moving the Money to Main Street Campaign” which was adopted by the Green Party (GPUS) in 2007.  At the 2006 Green Party National Meeting, Howard learned about Stephen Zarlenga’s vital new exposition of the Lost Science of Money. Over the next decade of study he presented several times at Zarlenga’s lively think tank, the American Monetary Institute (AMI). In 2011, with Howard’s help, the GPUS built two things: a critical plank into their electoral platform calling for a public asset, debt-free money system, and a website to support it, “Greening the".Greens For Monetary ReformIn 2018 GP leadership had to analyze the money question more deeply when advocates of “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT) attacked the Greening the Dollar plank. Because Howard and three others had the history and science to overwhelmingly defend the plank, the Green Party’s commitment to Public Money was strengthened by that challenge. In 2018 Howard also helped to found a new membership organization aiming to research, educate and organize for real monetary reform, the Alliance for Just Money (AFJM).howwepay.usMonetary Alliance Greens for Monetary GPUS PlatformGP Platform Continue reading

video| Cheri Honkala & team [March on DNC 7/13/2020] | near MKE Fiserv Forum 1/10/20

Cheri shows up in the video iframe below, later in the video our WIGP co chair Barbara Dahlgren appears on the right side w/white jacket. #livesoverluxury Cheri and her **Poor People's Army** team plan to come to Milwaukee frequently between now and July to plan their March on the DNC actions. Her team is not the same as the local MKE Coalition to March on the DNC. Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign 1505 W Allegheny Ave Philadelphia, PA 19132 Phone: 215-869-4753 Email: [email protected]

WI Green Party Coordinating Council At Large Election 2019

At our 2019 Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering, we decided to open up our elections for the WIGP Coordinating Council at-large to Green Party members across the state, even if they weren’t able to be at the Fall Gathering. If you’re not already a dues-paying member of the WI Green Party, please join up right now! Remember, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and no one is going to fund our revolution for people, planet, and peace but ourselves. Once your membership is renewed, check out our Coordinating Council Election page for more information about how to vote - and how to run - for our party’s highest decision-making body. Nominations are open December 12-19, and voting will be open December 20-January 1.

Greens Stand with Students at #FreezeTheFuels Climate Strike, Green Candidate Arrested

  Image Credit: Brian Eisold Milwaukee - Friday, December 6th, 2019 hundreds of students and other local activists rallied in Zeidler Union Square Park to demand action against global warming.  Students from all walks of life joined the strike including elementary and college students.  North Division High School brought student speakers and a drumline which led the march.  Among the speakers was Cheyanne Rupert (Sunrise Milwaukee Coordinator), and prior Green mayoral candidate for Racine, Fabi Maldonado (who currently serves on the Racine County Board). The climate strikers marched to Wells Fargo to demand their divestment of fossil fuel companies and their executives, as they chanted "people over profit" and "planet over profit." They also demanded the bank invests, instead, in green infrastructure and energy as well as fair labor practices.  Though the Wells Fargo building was the focal point for the march, JP Morgan Chase was another bank the from which the protesters demanded action these actions.   Continue reading


Please enjoy this holiday with your family, and I hope you find something to take home from my reflection of this holiday in 2019. -Barbara Dahlgren       This week, many of your children made paper buckle-hats to celebrate one of America’s most delicious holidays.  I hope you also enjoy the obligatory hand turkey as you open your refrigerator doors a hundred times while you prepare your sweet potatoes, squash, green bean casserole, stuffing, and other favorites.  I can’t help but reflect on the pictures of the First Thanksgiving story I was told as a little kid...   Continue reading