WI Green Party updates membership dues policy

The Wisconsin Green Party has updated its membership dues policy to provide clarity on how members can stay current on their dues and their status as members in good standing.

Read on for the updated WIGP Membership Dues policy, adopted 3/9/21:

The Wisconsin Green Party is a dues-based membership organization. The party and its operations are funded by members paying annual (or monthly) dues. To be a member in good standing, and therefore be entitled to participate in decision-making and voting, a WIGP member must be current on their dues. Suggested minimum annual dues can be found at https://www.wisconsingreenparty.org/contribute and begin with a minimum of $12.00. The suggested individual contribution level is $36, household level is $60, activist level is $120, and pillar level is $240.

Being current on membership dues means a member has paid a minimum of $12.00 in dues to the WIGP within the past year. Any donation to the WIGP counts toward this, whether specified as dues or not. In addition, there shall be a 1-month grace period for members whose dues have lapsed. For example, if a member paid dues in March 2020 and their dues lapsed in March 2021, they will still be considered a member in good standing in April 2021. This grace period shall be in effect as long as the member paid dues anytime within the preceding month of the preceding year.

Members are encouraged to pay their dues regularly to support the WIGP. Setting up an automatic monthly sustainer contribution is an excellent way to do so. The WIGP will make every effort to contact members whose dues have lapsed in order to remind them to renew their membership, especially in the run-up to state membership meetings. If any member has questions about the status of their dues, they can contact the WIGP treasurers Bill Breihan at [email protected] or Patti Ashby at [email protected] .

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