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WI Green Party Coordinating Council At Large Election 2019

At our 2019 Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering, we decided to open up our elections for the WIGP Coordinating Council at-large to Green Party members across the state, even if they weren’t able to be at the Fall Gathering. If you’re not already a dues-paying member of the WI Green Party, please join up right now! Remember, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and no one is going to fund our revolution for people, planet, and peace but ourselves. Once your membership is renewed, check out our Coordinating Council Election page for more information about how to vote - and how to run - for our party’s highest decision-making body. Nominations are open December 12-19, and voting will be open December 20-January 1.

Greens Stand with Students at #FreezeTheFuels Climate Strike, Green Candidate Arrested

  Image Credit: Brian Eisold Milwaukee - Friday, December 6th, 2019 hundreds of students and other local activists rallied in Zeidler Union Square Park to demand action against global warming.  Students from all walks of life joined the strike including elementary and college students.  North Division High School brought student speakers and a drumline which led the march.  Among the speakers was Cheyanne Rupert (Sunrise Milwaukee Coordinator), and prior Green mayoral candidate for Racine, Fabi Maldonado (who currently serves on the Racine County Board). The climate strikers marched to Wells Fargo to demand their divestment of fossil fuel companies and their executives, as they chanted "people over profit" and "planet over profit." They also demanded the bank invests, instead, in green infrastructure and energy as well as fair labor practices.  Though the Wells Fargo building was the focal point for the march, JP Morgan Chase was another bank the from which the protesters demanded action these actions.   Continue reading


Please enjoy this holiday with your family, and I hope you find something to take home from my reflection of this holiday in 2019. -Barbara Dahlgren       This week, many of your children made paper buckle-hats to celebrate one of America’s most delicious holidays.  I hope you also enjoy the obligatory hand turkey as you open your refrigerator doors a hundred times while you prepare your sweet potatoes, squash, green bean casserole, stuffing, and other favorites.  I can’t help but reflect on the pictures of the First Thanksgiving story I was told as a little kid...   Continue reading

Surveillance giants: How the business model of Google and Facebook threatens human rights

Google and Facebook help connect the world and provide crucial services to billions. To participate meaningfully in today’s economy and society, and to realize their human rights, people rely on access to the internet—and to the tools Google and Facebook offer. But Google and Facebook’s platforms come at a systemic cost. The companies' surveillance-based business model is inherently incompatible with the right to privacy and poses a threat to a range of other rights including freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, and the right to equality and non-discrimination. 21 November 2019, Index number: POL 30/1404/2019

Latest updates from ProtonMail

The Proton Team:We are currently working on a completely redesigned and modernized ProtonMail, while simultaneously building ProtonCalendar and ProtonDrive. ProtonVPN has also expanded and now offers servers in over 40 countries.  Continue reading

US violated Constitution by searching phones for no good reason, judge rules

ICE and Customs violated 4th Amendment with suspicionless searches, ruling says. Continue reading

WI Green Party seeks 2020 candidates

Have you thought about running for office?  Even if you haven’t, consider the following: Americans are close to rebellion against the political establishment. National polls consistently show that roughly 60% of Americans - and over 70% of millennials - agree that the establishment parties are failing us, and that we need a new major party. With 2020 elections coming up, now is a great time to think about running for office as a Green to help build the movement for people, planet and peace over profit. If you'd consider running for office, let us know and we'll get in touch to discuss the possibilities! We will be holding a Green Campaign School this Saturday November 9th in Madison for prospective candidates, campaign managers, and anyone who would like to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an essential part of a successful campaign. We highly encourage people who are planning to run for office (or considering a campaign) to attend, as well as prospective campaign managers and other key team members. Continue reading

ISPs lied to Congress to spread confusion about encrypted DNS, Mozilla says

Mozilla is urging Congress to reject the broadband industry's lobbying campaign against encrypted DNS in Firefox and Chrome. Continue reading

Green Campaign School in Madison 11/9

The Wisconsin Green Party invites you to a one-day Green Campaign School on Saturday November 9th in Madison for anyone who is interested in running for office as a Green, working on a Green campaign, or learning more about grassroots campaigning.We highly encourage people who are planning to run for office (or considering a campaign) to attend together with their prospective campaign managers and other key team members. The campaign school is also open to anyone who wants to support Green campaigns and would like to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be part of a campaign team. Click here to see more details on the Green Campaign School and how you can RSVP. Click here to see the event on Facebook and invite friends!

UPDATED: WI Green Party 2019 Fall Gathering in Milwaukee 10/12

The Fall Gathering has now been updated with the agenda and schedule - see the event page for details. Help us build the growing movement for people, planet and peace over profit: come to the Wisconsin Green Party’s Fall Gathering membership meeting in Milwaukee on Saturday, October 12th! This is an especially important membership meeting, as we are already looking forward to Spring and Fall 2020 elections and other opportunities to make change, both inside and outside the political system. All members will have the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting our party and discussions aimed at growing the Wisconsin Green Party into the transformational political force that we need. See the event page for more information.