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ProtonMail rolls out full PGP support and address verification

The Proton Team:

We are currently working on a completely redesigned and modernized ProtonMail, while simultaneously building ProtonCalendar and ProtonDrive. ProtonVPN has also expanded and now offers servers in over 40 countries. 

More code goes open source

Following a rigorous security audit, we have published the source code of our iOS app. The code is available to view and use freely on our GitHub page. More audits are underway, and we will be releasing more open source software in the future as of way of giving back and being transparent with the developer community.

Defending human rights when others won't

In a recent blog post, we looked at the rising trend of activists and protesters around the world using ProtonMail. While some companies have taken action to restrict protesters on their platforms, we will always defend the right to peacefully protest.

Our position on protesters using Proton

Multi-account support on Android

As of version 1.12, the ProtonMail Android app makes it easy for anyone to manage multiple ProtonMail accounts right on their phone. This feature allows you to be logged in to multiple ProtonMail accounts at the same time, and easily switch between their inboxes.

Learn more about multi-account support

Deep dive into the Bellingcat phishing attack

Over the summer, the renowned investigative journalists (and ProtonMail users) at Bellingcat were subjected to a sophisticated phishing attack, which ultimately failed. We wrote an article covering the attack and how ProtonMail protects users against phishing. 

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Learn about our anti-phishing tools

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