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[video or audio] Dec 1 Fall Gathering 2018

Panel discussion on Green-Socialist Cooperation Green Party members/participants: WIGP Co-Chair Dave Schwab, sociology prof Keith Mann, and Keith Brumley. How To Start or Grow a Local Chapter by Greater MKE Greens Presenters from the Greater Milwaukee Green Party, on Sat Dec 1, at the 2018 Fall Gathering were: Bill Breihan, Greg Banks, and Barbara Dahlgren: Listen to mp3 audo (34 min). Facebook Live stream of the Fall Gathering Post by WisconsinGreenParty. 18:30 Dave Schwab starts the meeting.  # State Report -137:00 Ballot access drive; >= 80 paid membersi; Campaign Training School; Committee activity; Ad hoc elections commitee. -135:00 Platform Committee. Bylaws update by "Structure Commitee".       Continue reading

How To Start or Grow a Local Chapter by Greater MKE Greens

Presenters from the Greater Milwaukee Green Party, on Sat Dec 1, at the 2018 Fall Gathering were: Bill Breihan, Greg Banks, and  Barbara Dahlgren: Click to listen (about 30 min).  

Wisconsin Greens call for candidates in 2019 Spring elections

Have you thought about running for office? Even if you haven’t, consider the following: Americans are hungry for new voices outside the political establishment. National polls show that roughly 60% of Americans - including over 70% of millennials - agree that we need a new major party.With local elections coming up in Spring, now is the perfect time to think about running for office with the Wisconsin Green Party to help build the movement for people, planet and peace from the grassroots up.If you're considering running for office, let us know and we'll get in touch to discuss the possibilities! Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering in Milwaukee Dec. 1

After the midterm elections, two things we can be sure of: the corporate-dominated two-party system will keep failing to bring the change our world needs, and the majority of Americans will continue to want a new party to represent their needs, hopes and dreams. In short, Greens have a lot of work to do! Help us build the growing movement for people, planet and peace over profit: come to the Wisconsin Green Party’s Fall Gathering membership meeting in Milwaukee on Saturday, December 1st. Click here for more information about the Wisconsin Green Party Fall Gathering 2018. Facebook Live Stream (updated)  

Wisconsin Election Security

In July 2018, Democrats on the U.S. House Administration Committee released a report on the election security of the Top 18 Most Vulnerable States (link to its PDF download). Wisconsin is in Tier 2, of 3. Continue reading

Wisconsin Independent Gubernatorial Debate

Broadcasted by Wisconsin International Radio Michael White Maggie Turnbull Arnie Enz Phil Anderson   Live at 4:00 PM:

A Message from Aaron Camacho, Green for WI State Senate

Bozho, Jage Nagonan. Ndeshnekas Kewenkwe. Nishnabe manIn. – Hello, all my relations. My name is Aaron E. Camacho, a citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. As a daughter of Wisconsin, I am grateful for the privilege of reaching out to you from indigenous land. My intent is to engage in political discourse with you for the health of our democratic republic. In Wisconsin Senate District 31, I have secured ballot access for our upcoming election November 6, 2018. Know I am the only non-establishment, female and indigenous person running for office in our senate district.  Continue reading

Governor Forum

Updated October 22nd, 2018 There is a forum this afternoon (October 21st) at Edgewood High School, in the Krantz Center (2219 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711), at 4:00 pm. If you are in the area or love to drive, stop by to give support to Michael White and listen to the wonderful discussion the candidates have. If this is anything like the previous forum, it will be a calm, pleasant, and enjoyable discussion among the candidates. Add this to your calendarFacebook event View Youtube live stream Original post from mwhite4gov (Candidate Forum).

WI Greens Ballot Access Drive 2018

We just endorsed an exciting slate of Green candidates for the 2018 elections who stand for real change: government that puts people, planet and peace over profit, and fights for a Green New Deal, single-payer healthcare, a $15/hour minimum wage, free quality public education through university, deep criminal justice reform, and more. But before we revolutionize Wisconsin politics, we need your help to get our candidates on the ballot - which will take over 10,000 signatures total by June 1st. 3 ways you can help right now: Join our volunteer team to gather ballot access signatures Contribute to our ballot access fund to help hire paid signature gatherers Apply to become a paid signature gatherer Learn more about how you can help put Wisconsin Greens on the ballot!

Report from WI Green Party Spring Gathering 2018

Our Spring Gathering in Stevens Point was a great step forward for the WIGP. We endorsed candidates, updated our platform, revised our bylaws, and left the meeting in a stronger position to build Wisconsin’s party for people, planet and peace over profit. We discussed and voted on substantial changes to our state party platform, including new planks on election integrity, tuition-free public higher education, criminal justice and police reform, immigration reform, affordable housing, clean drinking water, Great Lakes protection, and more. We will post the full updated platform soon - stay tuned. We also revised our party’s bylaws, making a number of changes recommended by members of our Structure Team to improve the effectiveness of our state party. We will be posting our updated bylaws soon. At the end of the day, we heard from candidates seeking our nomination and members were able to ask questions and engage in spirited discussion. We voted to endorse the following candidates: Continue reading