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From Standard Oil to Housing: Harnessing Government Regulation for Justice

Today, we remember an impactful event in American history: the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of the Standard Oil Company on May 15, 1911. This landmark case served as a powerful demonstration of the necessary role of government in regulating business practices for the public good. As we address the current housing crisis in our country, we can draw inspiration from this precedent and fight for the same decisive government action to ensure that "Housing is a Human Right." Continue reading

Celebrating May Day: Standing With Workers and Striving for a Greener Wisconsin

This International Workers' Day, we at the Wisconsin Green Party join hands with workers all over our state, our country, and the world. May Day is a time to remember the incredible struggles and victories of the labor movement, and it's also a reminder of how important it is to keep fighting for workers' rights and economic justice. As we honor the courage and perseverance of workers, we're also reminded of the pressing need to move towards a sustainable, fair, and environmentally conscious economy that benefits everyone.  Continue reading

Honoring Jacob Coxey's Army and the Struggle for Economic Justice

On this day, 129 years ago, Jacob Coxey's Army of unemployed workers began their historic march on Washington D.C. As the Wisconsin Green Party, we commemorate this significant event in the history of workers' rights and economic justice. In these trying times, when the issues of unemployment, economic inequality, and ecological crisis are more relevant than ever, we are reminded of the importance of grassroots activism and the power of ordinary people to effect change. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party Commemorates Workers' Memorial Day, Calls for Ecosocialist Solutions

The Wisconsin Green Party honors Workers' Memorial Day, standing in solidarity with the families, friends, and communities affected by the loss of lives, injuries, and illnesses caused by hazardous working conditions. We mourn these tragic losses and demand transformative change to build a society that values people and the planet over profit. Continue reading

WI Green Party 2023 Spring Gathering May 20: Housing is a Human Right

The Wisconsin Green Party will hold our 2023 Spring Gathering state membership meeting on Saturday May 20, 2023. The theme of this gathering will be "Housing is a human right" and we will have discussions on the critical issue of housing and its many dimensions, including affordability, sustainability, homelessness, and more. Check out our Events page for more information and to RSVP!

WI Greens Call Upon Elected Officials to Act and Stop Line 5

A record snow flood melt season has begun this week in northern Wisconsin.  With this flooding comes the possibility of damage to Enbridge's Line 5 petro-pipeline.  Already exposed and damaged, Line 5 is extra dangerous and threatens catastrophic failure with this record snow melt flood. Continue reading

WI Green Party 2023 Winter Gathering Sat. 2/25

Join the Wisconsin Green Party for our 2023 Winter Gathering state membership meeting on Saturday February 25, 2023! The goal of this gathering will be to hold open discussion on the priorities of the WI Green Party, and to help members get involved with the party to take action on those priorities. Join us online via Zoom on Saturday February 25th to be a part of the discussion on setting WI Green Party priorities, and find out how to get more involved with the party for people, planet, and peace over profit! Continue reading

Wisconsin Public Radio interview on Green Party priorities

Wisconsin Green Party co-chair Dave Schwab spoke with Wisconsin Public Radio about the Greens regaining ballot status, took callers' questions about the Green Party, and discussed issues like Ranked Choice Voting, Proportional Representation, the eco-socialist Green New Deal and more. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party 2022 Internal Election Results

Results of the 2022 Wisconsin Green Party Officer, Coordinating Council, and National Committee Elections, and the Platform and Bylaw amendment proposals. Continue reading

WI Green Party Fall Gathering Nov 19: Protecting and Expanding Democracy

The Wisconsin Green Party 2022 Fall Gathering state membership meeting will be held on Saturday November 19, 2022. The theme of the gathering will be "Expanding and Protecting Democracy" and will feature a special discussion on Proportional Ranked-Choice Voting. We will also be hearing from candidates for officer positions, discussing proposed changes to our bylaws and platform, and more. Come join us and help build the movement for people, planet, and peace over profit! Learn more about the WI Green Party 2022 Fall Gathering and RSVP here.