Wisconsin Green Party calls for candidates for 2014 Spring and Fall elections

The Wisconsin Green Party is currently recruiting candidates for 2014 Spring and Fall elections. Have you considered running for local or state office, or do you know someone who is considering a run? We’d like to talk with you about the possibilities - let us know that you're interested in running and we'll get in touch soon!

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  • Ken Driessen
    commented 2013-12-06 10:45:00 -0600
    Direct Participatory Democracy is coming. The founding fathers in all their magnanimous wisdom, held African American slaves and practiced genocide against the Native Peoples. The first major legislation the ‘fathers’ passed was to sell us out to international Rothschild bankers in 1791. The US has never been a valid constitutional democracy or even a republic. Everything you have been told about politics, religion and government is a lie. We will have a national peoples referendum process and no confidence process added to a revised, re-validated US Constitution! Go GREEN!