WI Greens Ballot Drive for Hawkins/Walker 2020

UPDATE FRIDAY 7/31: 4 days left! Please get us any petition signatures you have ASAP. If you can drop your petitions off with us in Milwaukee or Madison, please do so. If not, please mail them ASAP. Petitions must be in Friday's mail for us to be reasonably confident we'll get them before the deadline. Thank you!

Wisconsin Greens are going all out in the last week of our petition drive to put original Green New Deal champion Howie Hawkins and Milwaukee's own Angela Walker on the ballot in Wisconsin as our 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates! 

We have only until Tuesday August 4 to collect at least 2,000 valid signatures. To make it happen, we need the help of everyone who wants the opportunity to vote Green this year. We need people to sign the petition, and collect signatures either as volunteers or as paid petitioners. Here's how to help:

1. Sign the Petition! If you can print, print out the petition. If you don't have printer access and you're in the Milwaukee or Madison areas, submit our petition request form and we'll do our best to get petitions to you. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc. to sign too. Every signature helps! (see below for how to submit your petitions)

2. Collect Petition Signatures! We need people to help collect signatures, either as volunteers or as paid petitioners. We are offering $1 per valid signature to people who can collect at least 20 signatures between now and Monday August 3. If you are interested in petitioning either as a volunteer or as a paid petitioner, please contact our Ballot Access Director Barb Dahlgren at at [email protected] or 708-829-5315.

We need as many people as possible out collecting signatures between now and August 3 to make sure we reach our goal! See below for important information for petitioners.

3. Submit your Petitions! Once your petitions are complete, make sure to fill out and sign the Certification of Circulator at the bottom of each sheet (do not fill out the page number). PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PETITIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO WE RECEIVE THEM BEFORE THE DEADLINE!

If you are outside the Milwaukee or Madison areas, mail your petitions as soon as possible, and no later than Friday July 31st, to:

Wisconsin Green Party
PO Box 108
Madison, WI 53701

If you have significant numbers of signatures in your possession after the Post Office closes on Friday, and are unable to personally deliver your petitions to Madison or Milwaukee, contact Barb Dahlgren, [email protected] 708-829-5315 to figure out an alternative way to get us your petitions.

Milwaukee area: Drop your petitions off at:

Barbara Dahlgren
1928 S. 56th St.
West Allis, WI 53219

Milwaukee area contact: Barb Dahlgren, [email protected] 708-829-5315

Madison area: Drop your petitions off at:

Dave Schwab
20 N Franklin St.
Madison, WI 53703

Madison area contact: Dave Schwab, [email protected] 518-610-2708

4. Important information for petitioners

Change on petition to Angela Walker's address

We recently learned that Angela Walker recently changed addresses, and her old address was on our petition. Since then, we have been working with the State Elections Commission staff to ensure that we update our petitions accordingly.

Her new address is:
315 Royal St., Apt A, Florence, SC 29506

So here's the deal:

  • There are new petition sheets on the Wisconsin Green Party website:
    If you are able to, download and print these new forms with the new address.
  • If you have petition sheets with signatures on them, don't add any more signatures to that form. Turn them in to us ASAP. Once a voter has signed the petition, no candidate information on that page may be changed.
  • If you have (or are expecting to get) printed sheets that we sent you with the old address, and you are unable to print new petitions, follow these steps on each unused sheet before collecting signatures on it:
  •     Cross out Angela Walker's old address,
  •     Place your initials (in ink) with today's date by the correction,
  •     Write the new address (see above) in the remaining space.
Safe Petitioning Protocols
Here are some safe petitioning protocols that you should follow:
  • Wear a mask.  A face shield and gloves are a good idea too.
  • Keep several extra pens with you that you can swap out and sanitize after each use.  These should be black or blue ballpoints only.
  • Keep hand sanitizer handy, for yourself, to offer to signers, and to wipe down pens after someone signs
  • When watching the signature, try to only get close enough to read what they're doing.

Petitioning Tips 101

Look for areas with foot traffic like main streets, parks, beaches, supermarket parking lots, etc. Approach people, wave, and say something like:

"Hi! Are you eligible to vote in Wisconsin? [IF YES] Great! Could you help me out real quick with a signature to help get Green Party candidates on the ballot and give people another choice?"

If they say yes, get their signature, printed name, and the address where they're registered to vote (or if they're not registered, their home address - no PO boxes).

If they say no, wish them a nice day and move on to the next person. Remember: we're not out to argue or have long political debates, we're out to get as many signatures as we can before the deadline.

If they hesitate, say something like:

"It's just to give people another choice, you don't have to support them or vote for them. Signing just means you support people having the right to more choices in a democracy."

If people are rude or blow you off, don't take it personally! Just take a deep breath, sip some water, and move on to the next person. Petitioning is basically a numbers game: the more people we ask, the more signatures we'll get, and that's how we get it done.


We are hoping to reach our goal by Saturday August 1, before rainier weather moves in on Sunday. We are in the last big push and we need everyone out who can petition. It's up to us to make sure that everyone in Wisconsin has the opportunity to vote Green for the only national campaign for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, Ranked Choice Voting, an end to endless wars, and the better world we know is possible!

If you have any questions, please contact Barb Dahlgren at [email protected] or 708-829-5315.

Thank you for your help getting the Green Party on the ballot this year!

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