WI Green Party endorses Sharyl McFarland for Secretary of State

Wisconsin Green Party endorses Sharyl McFarland for Secretary of State

Today the Wisconsin Green Party announced that it has endorsed Sharyl McFarland for Secretary of State in the 2022 election.

Sharyl McFarland is a Milwaukee organizer who has spent decades working for social justice and human rights. Her advocacy work addresses problems common in Wisconsin and across the United States, including voter suppression, racial inequalities, mass incarceration, homelessness, rights for immigrants, poverty, the lack of adequate transportation, healthcare, and more.

“I identify with the people who want their government to listen and include them in discussions that affect their daily lives,” said McFarland. “It is my belief that ‘those closest to the problems are closest to the solutions but have the least amount of resources’. All people have value. We have the responsibility to exercise our right for democracy.”

“The Green Party’s values are in line with my own values,” said McFarland. “I have become dissatisfied with what is happening in the world and in government. I am not satisfied with the people I have voted into public service.

The Green Party is now petitioning to put Sharyl McFarland on Wisconsin’s ballot for Secretary of State in the November 2022 election. They need 2,000 valid signatures by June 1st.

The Green Party is looking for volunteers to help gather signatures, and is willing to pay people to petition as well. Sign up here if you are interested in petitioning.

Click here for a printable PDF of the petition sheet to get Sharyl McFarland on the ballot. Click here for a flyer with basic information about Sharyl McFarland to use while petitioning.

See https://www.wisconsingreenparty.org/ for more information and further updates.

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