Bylaws Greater Milwaukee Green Party
Greater Milwaukee Green Party Bylaws


1.1 The name of this organization shall be Greater Milwaukee Green
Party (GMGP). It shall be a chapter of the Green Party of the United
States as governed by the Constitution of the Wisconsin Green Party.

1.2 The purpose of the GMGP is to uphold the four pillars and the ten
key values of the Greens as defined on the Green Party of the United
States website. The GMGP is committed to social justice, political
action, and the advancement of democracy in the nation and the world,
with an organizing focus on Milwaukee County.

Four Pillars Peace Ecology Social Justice Democracy Ten Key Values
Grassroots Democracy Community-Based Economics Social Justice and
Equal Opportunity Feminism and Gender Equality Ecological Wisdom
Respect for Diversity Non-Violence Personal and Global Responsibility
Decentralization Future Focus and Sustainability


2.1 A GMGP member is any Milwaukee area resident who ascribes to the
Green Party pillars and values cited in Article I and who is in good
standing per the Membership Management Guidelines maintained by the
Membership Committee.  2.4 A member of the GMGP may be removed from
membership for public words or actions in the name of the Green Party
contrary to the basic pillars, values, or platform of the Green Party
and which jeopardizes the reputation of the Greater Milwaukee Green


3.1 General Meetings General Meetings shall be open to all members
of the GMGP, their guests, and any Milwaukee area resident. Only
GMGP members in good standing have the right to participate in
decision-making and voting.

3.2 Sessions of the General Meeting General Meetings shall meet
at least every other month. The proposed agenda shall be set
by the Co-chairs. Co-facilitators for each meeting shall be
selected by the Co-chairs by rotation with an objective of gender
balance. The Primary Facilitator is responsible for calling the
meeting to order, presenting the proposed agenda, and considering
additions or modifications from the members, maintaining a speakers
list, and calling on members who wish to be heard. The Secondary
Facilitator is responsible for keeping track of the time allotted
for discussion of agenda items, paying attention to the atmosphere
of the discussion, addressing potential conflicts, and facilitating
good communications. Meetings shall not be scheduled to last more than
two hours, unless the members in attendance approve an extension per
the decisionmaking process outlined in Article IV. Notice for General
Meetings shall be posted online at least two weeks in advance.

3.3 Powers of the General Meeting General Meetings shall provide an   
opportunity for members to raise issues and concerns, make policy     
suggestions, and propose actions. Decisions are reached by Modified   
Census per Article IV. Voting by proxy is permitted when notice of    
a vote has been sent to all members, as in the case of proposed       
by-laws changes or the election of officers. Members who are unable   
to attend may submit statements in writing to be considered at        
General Meetings. Members are encouraged to speak out publicly and    
may cite their affiliation to the GMGP as long as it is made clear    
they expressing personal views and not necessarily those of the       
organization. Candidate endorsement shall be made by a decision at    
the General Meeting after hearing and considering Elections Committee 
recommendations. The GMGP reserves the right to support candidates    
who are members of other parties if the members believe Green goals   
can be best advanced by such support.                                 

3.4 Elections Elections shall be held annually for the offices of one
Co-chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and any standing Committee
Chairs. At least one month notice of the election date shall be given
to all members.

3.5 Steering Committee The GMGP Steering Committee shall consist of
two Co-chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, any GMGP members serving
on the WI Coordinating Council, and other GMGP members who shall be
elected by the GMGP members as needed. The Steering Committee shall be
lead by the Co-chairs. They will handle the day-to-day functioning of
the GMGP including planning and organizing meetings, issuing public
statements, selecting public spokespersons, approving expenditures,
and communicating with the WI Green Party. They shall meet in person
or via phone conference as needed.

3.6 Co-chairs The Co-chairs shall ensure the smooth functioning
of the GMGP. They shall identify members to serve on committees,
to facilitate meetings, and to serve as public spokespersons. The
Co-chairs shall lead the work of the Steering Committee, and will
assist in facilitating effective group communications. They may act as
default General Meeting Facilitators or public spokespersons. There
will be two Co-chairs (with a goal of gender equity), elected by the
membership, each serving a two-year staggered term. At least one
co-chair will always have access to the GMGP bank account.

3.7 Secretary The primary responsibility of the Secretary shall be to
keep minutes of General Meetings and see that the minutes are both
properly filed and available to the members by the time of the next
General Meeting. The office of Secretary may be divided into Recording
Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. The Secretary will be elected
by the membership annually.

3.8 Treasurer The Treasurer shall collect dues and fund-raising
donations, maintain a bank account, and report to the Steering
Committee and General Meeting periodically on the financial status of
the GMGP. Copies of all financial records shall be turned over to the
Treasurer's successor in office. The Treasurer will be elected by the
membership annually.

3.9 Other Committees Committees are groups of members undertaking
practical efforts on specific tasks or issues, which coordinate the
ongoing work of the GMGP. They are established with approval at a
GMGP General Meeting and may pursue any activity consistent with
the Green Party objectives and values. The GMGP shall establish
Standing Committees as required such as – Membership, Elections,
Outreach. Standing Committees shall have chairs approved at a General
Meeting. Additional committees may be established ad hoc based on
membership involvement or political need. Committees shall report
periodically to the Steering Committee and at General Meetings.

3.10 Other Essential Positions The GMGP shall establish other
organizational positions as needed and as resources permit. These
positions may include but are not limited to Youth Coordinator,
Fundraising Chair, Newsletter Editor, Social Media Manager, Media


The GMGP shall use Modified Consensus in decision-making, seeking
general agreement on all decisions, hearing all views and concerns
in full. Consensus shall first be sought, but where consensus
cannot be reached, a 75% majority may move the issue at hand to a
vote. Decisions by all bodies of the GMGP shall be approved by a 2/3
majority vote if full consensus cannot be reached.

Article V.  AMENDMENTS Any amendment to these Bylaws may be adopted
at a General Membership Meeting using the decision-making process
outlined in Article IV. Such proposed amendments may be considered
after being detailed in writing and provided to the members at least
two weeks before the meeting in which they will be considered.

 Ratification and Amendments Page:  This document was approved by the 
 GMGP members on __________ by a ________ vote.