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How We Pay for the World We Want!

Organizer: Milwaukee Green Party 

Howard Switzer is a Tennessee Green Party founder and residential architect who has built healthy homes of earth and straw in 10 states.

In 2006 he started the “Moving the Money to Main Street Campaign” which was adopted by the Green Party (GPUS) in 2007. 

At the 2006 Green Party National Meeting, Howard learned about Stephen Zarlenga’s vital new exposition of the Lost Science of Money.
Over the next decade of study he presented several times at Zarlenga’s lively think tank, the American Monetary Institute (AMI).

In 2011, with Howard’s help, the GPUS built two things: a critical plank into their electoral platform calling for a public asset, debt-free money system, and a website to support it, “Greening the".
Greens For Monetary Reform

In 2018 GP leadership had to analyze the money question more deeply when advocates of “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT) attacked the Greening the Dollar plank.
Because Howard and three others had the history and science to overwhelmingly defend the plank, the Green Party’s commitment to Public Money was strengthened by that challenge.

In 2018 Howard also helped to found a new membership organization aiming to research, educate and organize for real monetary reform, the Alliance for Just Money (AFJM).

Monetary Alliance

Greens for Monetary Reform Greenbacks_Not_Bailouts GPUS Platform

GP Platform Economic_Justice_and_Sustainability_2016

Notice how Finance spends the most. Also note, all these sectors owe Finance. 

Green Party must connect these roots and branches. We are trunk of tree.

Incrementally adding one at a time will not work. They will retaliate and recoup.

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