Four Lakes Green Party endorses Nikki Conklin, Rebecca Kemble in Madison Common Council primary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday February 11, 2020
Contact: Dave Schwab, Four Lakes Green Party, [email protected] 

The Four Lakes Green Party has voted to endorse Nikki Conklin and Rebecca Kemble for Madison Common Council in the upcoming primary on Tuesday February 16. Conklin, running in District 9 on the far West side of Madison, and Kemble in the North side’s District 18, were chosen unanimously as the best candidates to advance Green values of grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, and ecological sustainability in their hotly contested Common Council races.

Nikki Conklin is a community organizer with a vision for a healthier and more equitable community who has worked with the Lussier Community Education Center and the Neighborhood Organizing Institute. Her platform emphasizes reforming policing in collaboration with mental health advocates, better access to healthy local food, increased educational and after-school opportunities, affordable housing, tenants’ rights, a Housing First approach to homelessness, environmental justice, sustainable development, equal access to healthcare, and investing in communities to reduce crime. She faces 3 other candidates in Tuesday’s primary.

Rebecca Kemble has been an outspoken champion for progressive and Green causes both as an Alder and as  a community leader. Among other things, she has played a key role in the city’s groundbreaking cooperative economic development initiative aimed at transitioning to a sustainable and just local economy, led in the creation of a Civilian Oversight Board and Independent Police Monitor, helped organize the Northside community against public school closures, and worked for affordable and stable housing for low-income families. She faces two other candidates in Tuesday’s primary, and has been targeted by the police union and big-money right-wing interests for her leadership on police reform.

Local elections in Madison are among the few elections in the United States where community organizers running grassroots campaigns can compete with candidates backed by big money corporate interests and political bosses. The Four Lakes Greens encourage Madison voters to support Nikki Conklin and Rebecca Kemble with your voices, volunteer energy, contributions, and votes for a local government that puts people and planet over profit!

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