Coordinating Council Election

The Wisconsin Green Party (WIGP) is electing members of the Coordinating Council (CC), the party’s chief decision-making body, between now and January 25, 2019. All dues-paying WIGP members in good standing (WIGP Members) are entitled to self-nominate for open CC positions, and to vote. Read on for details.

See our Officers and Committees page for more information about the roles and responsibilities of CC Members.


Coordinating Council Elections - the basics

All WIGP Members in the state may elect up to 8 CC Members at large (regardless of where they’re from).

Elections will be conducted using Ranked Choice Voting, with a binding None of the Above option.

If you’re not already a dues-paying member of the WI Green Party, join up right now!

Review the candidates below, then send an email to with your vote.

Because we used ranked choice voting, you can list up to 8 choices, with 1 being your first choice and 8 being your last. You can also put "None of the Above" as one of your choices (for example, if you wanted to support only 3 candidates and wanted to vote against others, you can rank your first 3 candidates then put "None of the Above" as your 4th choice)


Coordinating Council Elections - timeline

January 18-25: All WIGP Members may vote for CC Members at large.


Coordinating Council Elections - Background

The Wisconsin Green Party is committed to grassroots democracy - that means giving our members meaningful ways to participate in decision-making. At our Spring 2018 membership meeting, we revised our bylaws to change how we elect our Coordinating Council.

Generally speaking, Congressional District representatives ensure representation for different areas of the state, Local Chapter representatives ensure representation for active local groups, and at-large representatives ensure that there are seats for members from around the state with something to offer.

The ultimate goal of this process is to give Greens from around Wisconsin the opportunity to get involved with building the party for people, planet and peace over profit.

If you have any questions, please contact Co-Chair Dave Schwab at david.c.schwab [at] gmail [dot] com.


Coordinating Council Elections - Candidates

Candidates for Coordinating Council and their self-nomination statements will be posted here as they are received.

Jo' Nathan Kingfisher 

Ojibwe-Ojibwa-Ojibway-Chippewa Anishinaabe Native American Indian Non-Federal Indian Ethnic Genetic Blood member: Gete-Waaswaaganing, Aagimaak-Aki, Moongingwanekong-minis Minnesota State Licensed Teacher: Ojibwe Anishinaabe Language, Culture & History; kindergarden through high school Tribal & Community College My professional life has been as centered on education and conservation I have taught all state certified sciences & mathematics Ojibwe Anishinaabe language, culture & history in public, reservation & BIA settings Former Federal employee with the United States Forest Service Non-United States service veteran: Equator & Jammu/Kashmir; exiled government of Tibet Attended 9 universities & colleges: Bachelors of Science: Biology Alma College Bachelors of Arts: Language, Culture & History (self-reflective Native Anthropology) Michigan State University Tibetan Studies: University of Michigan 92 graduate credits: professional development former visiting guest faculty: University of Arizona (Tucson) Bureau of Ethnography Department of Anthropology Dual-Citizen: Ojibwe Anishinaabe United States of America current land-owner in Ashland WI, Aagimaak-Aki; 7th congressional district of Wisconsin Active with the Green Party for the last 20 years Committed to authority accountability nuclear de-escalation fossil fuels de-escalation Go Green Society!!!! Environmental & Humanitarian Justice

Coordinating Council; 7th district communication, platform, structure committees critical issues: Separation of church and State; transition to sustainable society; Mr. Z.B. Kingfisher


Patti Ashby 

I am the Wisconsin Green Party membership committee chair. I am self-nominating as a member-at large. I believe that in order to coordinate the various committee activities efficiently, the committee chairs should be on the coordinating council.


David Soumis

Coordinating Council CD 2 or at large I have been a supporter of the GP since its inception. I had been elected to the CC a couple of years ago but had to step down for personal reasons. I now have the time needed to be effective. I have been active in Veterans for Peace, have done a lot of street work, talking to people, organizing events and marches. Member of Have participated in many environmental promoting events. Peace is my main passion. I want to see our values change from profit acquisition and materialism to protecting the planet, its life, and to uplift humanity. I strongly believe the purpose of government is to uplift the people and protect the planet.


Michael White

Coordinating Council; CD 3 or At Large I was our candidate for Governor; I am a National Committee delegate; I am former Co-Chair and I continue to be active in moving the WIGP forward.


Jonathan Henrich

Coordinating Council—At Large. I'd like to bring Information Technology to the forefront as much as I can. This includes improving security and privacy practices, as well as letting the younger generations know that this is intrinsic to the party as we move forward. I will also bring representation for Atheism/Humanism.

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  • Monte Letourneau
    commented 2019-02-04 22:49:02 -0600
    Hard choices, lol that’s good! Very sorry I’m too late.
    !!Also, Bruce & Dennis ask most pertinent question!
    Maybe next time, there should be comment, text, or link pointing to mechanism or description of voting process?
    Love owt
  • Bruce Hinkforth
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    I have to echo what Dennis wrote. I don’t see a link to a voting page.
  • Dennis Boyer
    commented 2019-01-18 19:00:43 -0600
    This may be a dumb question on my part, but is this the ballot? If so, I don’t see how to cast votes.