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Have you heard the 2019 Annual National Meeting is a month away in Salem, Massachusetts???  We hope you can join us out there, or at least follow along online with the events.  It is a great opportunity to network with Greens around the country, get more involved in the issues that are most important to you, and learn about our 2020 presidential candidates and lots of Green ideas.  When we say 'a lot of ideas,' we mean to say more people proposed workshops than ever before.  In fact, the WIGP co-chairs will be presenting one as well. If you would like to experience all of this live and in person, you can find all the details here.

If you cannot attend, please consider donating to our scholarship fund in order to send more Wisconsin Greens to represent our state.  As a party, we are working toward a model of politics which does not hinder people from participating based on their socioeconomic status, and with your help, we can give more people that freedom this year.  

If would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, and make a fellow Green's day, click here.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please send a statement telling us why you would be a good scholarship candidate to [email protected] for the Coordinating Council's review with the subject Scholarship Candidate by July 5th.  Please also include information about which costs you would need help covering, like meals, housing, transportation, and registration, and how long you plan to stay. There may be cheaper options for you on some of these items as well if you would like to carpool with other Greens or stay with Green Rainbow Party members from Massachusetts.  For more information about carpooling and housing click here.

Go Green!

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