Help Angela get on the ballot in her home state!

UPDATE: Unfortunately Angela Walker's flight was cancelled and she will be unable to make it to Milwaukee tomorrow. We will try to reschedule ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience. For now, please read on to find out how you can help us get Angela on the ballot in her home state!

We're excited to announce that Angela Walker, the Green Party's 2020 Vice Presidential candidate, will be visiting her home city of Milwaukee to meet voters and gather signatures to get the Hawkins/Walker Green Party Presidential ticket on the ballot in Wisconsin! 

If you can, please join Angela for a Socially Distant Petitioning and Safe Hugs event at Washington Park, 1859 N 40th St, Milwaukee, near the swimming pool (see map). 

Wherever you live, it's up to us to make sure that Angela gets on the ballot in her home state - and that everyone in Wisconsin has the opportunity to vote Green this year.

We have only until August 4 to collect at least 2,000 valid signatures. We need people to sign the petition, and collect signatures either as volunteers or as paid petitioners. Here's how to help:

1. Sign the Petition! If you can print, print out the petition. If you don't have printer access, submit our petition request form and we'll mail it to you. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc. to sign too. Every signature helps! (see below for how to submit your petitions)

2. Collect Petition Signatures! We need people to help collect signatures, either as volunteers or as paid petitioners. We are offering $1 per valid signature to people who can collect at least 20 signatures between now and August 1. If you are interested in petitioning either as a volunteer or as a paid petitioner, please contact our Ballot Access Director Barb Dahlgren at at [email protected] or 708-829-5315.

3. Donate for Ballot Access! The Hawkins/Walker campaign has qualified for federal matching funds, meaning that all contributions will be matched dollar-for-dollar by public money up to $250. Because the campaign is helping fund ballot access efforts, this allows us to basically double our donations to get on the ballot. Donate now at!

4. Submit your Petitions! Once your petitions are complete, make sure to fill out and sign the Certification of Circulator at the bottom of each sheet (do not fill out the page number). Then send your petitions no later than August 1 to:

Wisconsin Green Party
PO Box 108
Madison, WI 53701

OR send petitions to (or drop them off for):

Barbara Dahlgren
1928 S. 56th St.
West Allis, WI 53219

If you have any questions, please contact Barb Dahlgren at [email protected] or 708-829-5315.

Thank you for your help getting the Green Party on the ballot this year!

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