The Wisconsin Green Party stands in solidarity with WI's Lac du Flambeau Tribe

The Wisconsin Green Party stands in support of Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights of the Lac du Flambeau federal Native American Indian reservation nation and their legal control over their own federal tribal lands. Nation-to-nation relations are the first and foremost guiding principle and most basic fact of legal social relationships in the present road closure dispute. The Federal Indians and the Federal government of the United States of America stand on equal terms to negotiate their decisions. 

The state of Wisconsin and all local authorities benefit every day from land that was negotiated in good faith and trust between the original people of this land (who are still primary caretakes of the health of this land) resulting in Federal Indian Law as it exists today. That land acknowledgment is the trust responsibility, not only of people employed as the Federal Government; it is also a responsibility of all law-abiding U.S. citizens. After 200 years of immoral land theft, religious bigotry and racist ignorant treatment, the People of Lac du Flambeau have every right to decide the governance of their own Federal Indian Land.

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