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A Few Reasons One Because In World Peace Racial And Religious Tolerance Free Speech Racial And Gender Equality And Even Though I'm Not A Vegetarian Animal And Environmental Rights And Two I Have A Huge Distrust Of Both Democrats And Republicans Since 2006 And I Will Continue To Do So

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    I Would Like To Make A Suggestion Instead Of A Turtle For A Mascot I Think It Should Be A Frog Because They Are Green Too And good Green mascot for its ecological significance, its prevalence in our geographic location, and for its cultural significance in folklore as well, from the bullfrog to the little tiny frogs in Puerto Rico called coquís.

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    Vote Howie Hawkins in 2020


    While the political establishment has done its best to suppress the Wisconsin Green Party, we are not submitting to the anti-democracy two-party cartel.  We will continue to fight through  November and beyond for the things Wisconsinites need: universal healthcare, a clean and healthy eco-system, peace, and justice for real humans (not just corporations).

    One way you can help build the movement for these real changes is to pledge to write in Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker this November to encourage others by showing we are not alone at the ballot box. Every Green vote helps build a truly democratic political party that shares your values, and sends a clear message to politicians that the only way to earn your vote is to support your causes.

    After all the efforts to suppress our votes this year, we want to make sure all our write-in votes are counted, so if you plan to write-in your vote for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, please add your name to our vote pledge (you can sign the vote pledge without your name being public). We can use this information about how many people plan to write in a Green vote, and where they live, to hold election officials accountable for counting our votes.


    I pledge to write in Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker to help build a non-corporate political party for real change.  I refuse to let my vote be extorted by a system that is destroying our country and our world.  Instead, I pledge to stand courageously with leaders who have proven they will serve the people by advocating for the Green Party's platform for expanded Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, an Economic Bill of Rights, fully-funded public education from pre-K through university, an end to endless wars, real democracy with ranked-choice voting and proportional representation, and much more.

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    Even Though Howie Hawkins Was Kicked Off The Ballot For 2020 We Have The Write-In Option So I Would Like To Propose That The Wisconsin Green Party Convince People To Write In Howie Hawkins

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Ryan Potochnik

Ryan Potochnik

I Have Been A Supporter And A Member Of The Green Party Since 2006 My Username Comes From Two Of My Favorite Singers Kurt Cobain And Jim Morrison I Used To Lived In Saint Francis Until 2011 I Now Live In The Castle Manor Neighborhood Of Milwaukee