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A Few Reasons One Because In World Peace Racial And Religious Tolerance Free Speech Racial And Gender Equality And Even Though Im Not A Vegetarian Animal And Environmental Rights And Two I Have A Huge Distrust Of Both Democrats And Republicans Since 2006 And I Will Contuine To Do So

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    I Am Hoping Now That In Future Presidental Decision Making For The Green Party Even Though I Tried To Be A Dues Paying Last November 3rd By Sending You A Money Order And A Hand Written Letter Expalning That I’’m Attempting To Become A Dues Paying Member Again And The Mere Fact Of I Used To Live In Saint Francis Until My Parents Lost Thier House To Foreclosure Then We Moved To The Bay View Neighborhood Of Milwaukee From 2011 Until 2017 And Now I Live In The Castle Manor Neighborhood Of Milwaukee But Yet In Spite Of That I Never Stopped Voting For The Green Party On A Lot Of Races Espcallily The 2012 And 2016 Election When I Voted For Jill Stein And Even If I Don’t Get Anything In Return For This Next Attempt In Becoming A Dues Paying Member I Will Still Support Whomever Get The Green Party Nomination This Year

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Ryan Potochnik

Ryan Potochnik

I Have Been A Supporter And A Member Of The Green Party Since 2006 My Username Comes From Two Of My Favorite Singers Kurt Cobain And Jim Morrison I Used To Lived In Saint Francis Until 2011 I Now Live In The Castle Manor Neighborhood Of Milwaukee