Help Chester Todd and Jo'Nathan Kingfisher get on the ballot

May is an important month in political campaigns, it is the season where candidates and their supporters circulate petitions to get on the ballot. Wisconsin Green Party endorsed candidates Chester Todd and Jo'Nathan Kingfisher need your help. These two candidates need volunteers to help them share their petitions and message.

If you have never petitioned for a candidate before it is one of the easiest ways to participate in the electoral process all you need to do is download the nomination papers here share them with your friends, neighbors or other people in your community and ask for them to sign these ballot access papers. The second page of the nomination papers form explains all of the information you need to get started. Nomination papers need to get back to the candidates by Tuesday, May 28th to give them a chance to validate the forms and submit them to the Wisconsin Elections Commitee. 

Racine's longtime activist and advocate for justice, Chester Todd is running to represent the people of southeastern Wisconsin in the United States House of Representatives (Congressional District 1). He is running for congress to "lead the charge toward social justice, environmental protection, peace at home and abroad, and an environment where grassroots democracy is the norm." You can find out more about why Chester is the best voice for southeastern Wisconsin by visiting his website

Download Chester's Nomination Papers

Self-described, Ojibwe National Diplomat Veteran for Peace & Sustainability, Jo'Nathan Kingfisher is running to represent the People of Wisconsin in the United States Senate. He is running to build, EcoArchy, governance that centers and "sustains the places where people and nature live".  You can find Jo'Nathan's complete candidacy statement here.

Download Jo'Nathan's Nomination Papers


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  • Jo' Nathan Kingfisher
    commented 2024-06-12 20:01:09 -0500
    Dissenting Vote Challenge:
    Write-in my official name spelled correctly:
    Jo’ EcoArchy Nathan ZeeBeSun Kingfisher

    Protest Vote PLEASE!!!!
    Wisconsin Green Party endorsed
    United States Senate (I am the Senator)

    Representing a Peace Treaty
    between the Forces of Nature
    and the Forces of Humanity!!!!