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    Letter from an Independent Progressive:

    Dear Democratic Party of Wisconsin,

    Honestly, you might want to rethink your current campaign strategy. Your challenging the petitions of the Wisconsin Green Party was ridiculous. The Greens filed their petitions with more than enough valid signatures and with the required affidavit listing vice-presidential candidate Angela Walker’s new address, since she’d recently moved. The Greens had proof of all this in hand at the Wisconsin Elections Commission hearing where you made your challenge. But the Dems on the WEC would not allow the Greens a fair opportunity to present their testimony and document the validity of their petitions. The Commission, with a Dem chairing, then proceeded to uphold your challenge.

    At a time when you need to build a broad coalition, how is this not boneheaded? You’ve denied the Green Party and Angela Walker ballot access on the basis of a bogus—or just silly—objection. Walker, a hometown activist, is revered by many in the large Milwaukee progressive community and social justice movement. Now you’ve aroused the enmity of these engaged folks, many of whom already had more affinity with the Greens than they did with the Democrats. In doing so, you’ve hurt your own chances to build back the Obama coalition in your state.

    Worst case scenario for you is, because of this enmity, the Greens now get 40,000 write-in votes, instead of the 30,000 they might have received if their party name had been printed on the ballot. Many progressives who were going to vote for Biden, although they don’t exactly love him, now may not, because they’re offended by your treatment of the Greens. They know this is not a local attempt by you to maintain good election practices but is part of a nationally coordinated effort by the Democrats to disallow Green Party candidates ballot access, at all levels of government, everywhere they can, on whatever grounds you Dems can come up with. You may find out that the votes you imagine the Greens would “siphon” away from you were never yours to begin with—and that now you’re not in much of a position to earn them.

    And if you lose in November, no doubt you will blame the progressives who turned away from you—rather than your own bad judgement and questionable behavior. This time around, that loss would not just be the heartbreak it was in 2016, but a frightening disaster.

Rick London

Rick London