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    Vote Howie Hawkins in 2020


    While the political establishment has done its best to suppress the Wisconsin Green Party, we are not submitting to the anti-democracy two-party cartel.  We will continue to fight through  November and beyond for the things Wisconsinites need: universal healthcare, a clean and healthy eco-system, peace, and justice for real humans (not just corporations).

    One way you can help build the movement for these real changes is to pledge to write in Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker this November to encourage others by showing we are not alone at the ballot box. Every Green vote helps build a truly democratic political party that shares your values, and sends a clear message to politicians that the only way to earn your vote is to support your causes.

    After all the efforts to suppress our votes this year, we want to make sure all our write-in votes are counted, so if you plan to write-in your vote for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, please add your name to our vote pledge (you can sign the vote pledge without your name being public). We can use this information about how many people plan to write in a Green vote, and where they live, to hold election officials accountable for counting our votes.


    I pledge to write in Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker to help build a non-corporate political party for real change.  I refuse to let my vote be extorted by a system that is destroying our country and our world.  Instead, I pledge to stand courageously with leaders who have proven they will serve the people by advocating for the Green Party's platform for expanded Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, an Economic Bill of Rights, fully-funded public education from pre-K through university, an end to endless wars, real democracy with ranked-choice voting and proportional representation, and much more.

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    Officers and Committees

    See more information on officer, coordinating council, delegate and committee positions below.

    Wisconsin Green Party Officers



    Dave Schwab

    Jo' Nathan Kingfisher

    Recording Secretary:

    Corresponding Secretary: 



    Operations Treasurer:

    Elections Treasurer:

    Bill Breihan

    Patti Ashby


    Coordinating Council:

    At-Large Representatives:

    Barbara Dahlgren

    Congressional District Representatives



    CD 2:

     Sam Chance

    CD 3:


    CD 4:

     Tom Rodman

    CD 5:

     Bruce Hinkforth

    CD 6:


    CD 7:


    CD 8:  Open

    Local Chapter Representatives:

    Four Lakes Green Party: Vacant

    Greater Milwaukee Green Party: Mike McCallister


    Congressional District Map



    Caucus Representatives

    Youth Caucus: Open

    Women's Caucus: Open

    LGBT Caucus: Open

    Diversity Caucus: Open

    See our Caucuses page for more information on Caucuses.


    National Representatives

    National Committee Delegates: Dave Schwab, Tom Rodman

    National Committee Alternates: Mike McCallister, Monte Letourneau

    See the Green Party US National Committee page for more information on National Committee Delegates, roles and responsibilities.


    Committee Chairs

    Elections: Barbara Dahlgren

    Membership Outreach: Patti Ashby

    Communications: Dave Schwab

    Platform and Policy: Bruce Hinkforth

    Finance: Patti Ashby, Bill Breihan

    Information Technology: Tom Rodman

    See our Committees page for more information on Committee roles and responsibilities.


    Coordinating Council roles and responsibilities

    Following is basic information about the WIGP Coordinating Council. For more detailed information about the Coordinating Council, see Article 3 of the WIGP Bylaws.

    The Coordinating Council is charged with implementing the will of the Membership as decided at Membership meetings and otherwise supervising business of the organization. The Coordinating Council shall develop and maintain the party’s Policies and Procedures. The Council shall educate and inform the membership through publication of a newsletter. The Coordinating Council shall select the location, date, and time of Membership meetings each year. The Coordinating Council is empowered to speak in the name of the organization between Membership meetings on issues of public importance in accordance with the adopted Key Values and Platform.

    The Coordinating Council shall meet at least monthly. Meetings of the Council may be held in conjunction with Membership meetings. Minutes of all Council meetings shall be kept by the Recording Secretary and all policy and financial decisions and resolutions shall be published in the organization’s newsletter.

    Each member of the Coordinating Council must serve on at least one Committee.

    The Coordinating Council shall be responsible for the finances of the organization and shall supervise the activities of both the Elections Treasurer and the Operations Treasurer. The Coordinating Council shall approve all individual expenditures over $250 in advance. The Coordinating Council shall report on the organization’s financial condition at every Membership meeting.


    Officer roles and responsibilities

    Following is basic information about the WIGP Officers. For more detailed information about the Officers, see Article 4 of the WIGP Bylaws.

    The Officers of the organization shall be two Co-Chairs, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, an Operations Treasurer and an Elections Treasurer. The Officers shall be Members of the Coordinating Council and of the Wisconsin Green Party. All efforts shall be made to balance the Officers regionally and by gender. Officers will be responsible for granting access to specific internal documents such as membership records and databases. The Membership and the Coordinating Council may define specific duties of the Officers in the party’s adopted policies and procedures.

    Each Co-Chair shall serve for two years with staggered terms so that there is a senior and junior Chair. All reasonable effort shall be made to rotate the Chair role throughout the membership of the organization. All other Officers shall serve one-year terms. All Officers, except for the Co-Chairs, may be reelected for successive terms.

    1. Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs shall work together to coordinate the activities of the organization. The Co-Chairs are empowered to speak publicly for and in the name of the organization on issues of the day and the policies and positions of the organization between Coordinating Council meetings in accordance with our adopted Key Values and Platform. The Co-Chairs may convene Coordinating Council meetings as they deem necessary and must do so at the request of five (5) or more current Members of the Coordinating Council or at least 10% of Members in Good Standing of the organization. Co-Chairs contemplating the issuance of statements or press releases not specifically covered by the Key Values or Platform should consult with a majority of the Coordinating Council prior to making any such statement.
    2. Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary shall take and prepare written minutes of all Membership and Coordinating Council meetings. The Recording Secretary shall make sure that all members of the Coordinating Council receive copies of the minutes within one (1) week after each Council meeting. The Recording Secretary shall maintain the official minutes of the organization.
    3. Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain a post office box for accepting mail for the organization at a place approved by the Coordinating Council. The Corresponding Secretary shall receive the organization’s mail and other correspondence and answer inquiries for information and literature. Correspondence received requesting answers to policy questions not readily answerable in accordance with the Key Values and Platform shall be referred to the Co-Chairs.
    4. Operations Treasurer. The Operations Treasurer shall maintain the operations bank account and operations funds of the organization in financial institutions designated by the Coordinating Council. The Operations Treasurer shall accept all funds paid to the organization and pay all debts incurred by the organization upon receipt and authorization of the Coordinating Council. The Operations Treasurer shall report on the organization’s financial condition at each Membership and Coordinating Council meeting.
    5. Elections Treasurer. The Elections Treasurer shall maintain the elections bank account and make disbursements from that account upon authorization of the Coordinating Council. The Elections Treasurer shall maintain the contributions database and shall file all campaign finance reports for the state party with the State Elections Board, the Federal Election Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service.

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