Jo' Nathan Kingfisher Statement of Candidacy

Self-described, Ojibwe National Diplomat Veteran for Peace & Sustainability, Jo' Nathan Kingfisher is running for Senate. Here is his statement on his candidacy.

Meet Green Party Candidate Jo'Nathan Kingfisher

EcoArchy is any form of government that sustains the places that People and Nature live. Every Native Indigenous Aboriginal society is a unique form of EcoArchy realized over thousands of years of sustainable living. 

How will the sustainable few survive the unsustainable many? The consequences of environmental and social injustice are here to begin dealing with, we must. My Peace Treaty between the Forces of Nature and the Forces of Humanity is simply to release all available resources as humanitarian aid for Justice transition to a sustainable society. Social reallocation for reparations and social justice for all. Prison systems of slavery to treatment centers and all cops are celebrities with required body cams. Also wilderness must be protected and fostered as Industrial Technology shall flourish in confined rehabilitated urban space. Humans shall find a continuing life in between wilderness and technology. The simple reality is that even industrial war games; as well as industrial war, must end, as burning that much fossil fuel will end us.
Who is more insane; the chump who denies climate change/crisis/collapse and wants to rev the industrial collective more.... or doing the Biden-of-the-rich-and-powerful who says human-caused climate-change is real and then also revs the industrial system harder making the U.S. #1 in fossil fuels!!!!
Vote for Sanity! 
Vote for Kingfisher for U.S. Senate!
If you want to help, get Jo'Nathan on the ballot you can download and circulate his ballot petitions

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  • Jo' Nathan Kingfisher
    commented 2024-06-13 09:07:31 -0500
    Dissenting Vote Challenge:
    Write-in my official registered name spelled correctly:
    Jo’ EcoArchy Nathan ZeeBeSun Kingfisher

    Protest Vote PLEASE!!!!
    Wisconsin Green Party endorsed
    United States Senate (I am the Senator)

    Representing a Peace Treaty
    between the Forces of Nature
    and the Forces of Humanity!!!!