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I grew up in the military, my father was a career Naval Officer, and as such, we moved every two or three years. Having lived in many different states, as well as overseas in the PI, I had the opportunity to learn about different people and diverse cultures. 

After graduating from high school, I joined the USNR as a hospital corpsman and utilized my veteran benefits to help defray the cost of college courses and nursing school. I was a registered nurse for many years, and only left the reserves after 14 years to get married and start a family. I also was recalled during DSDS to back fill at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.

As the mother of two amazing kids, I had to dig deep to find another way to live with the knowledge that I was positive with the Huntingtons gene, as it runs in my family. I strongly believe that my own personal efforts at optimizing self care will greatly enhance my own quality of life, as well as that of my children and everyone else in the US.  Only together can we reshap a positive, healthy future through much needed continued education and cleaning up the environment is sorely needed if we are to not only survive but thrive...


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    Considering running for Governor…with either GREEN party or as Independent

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Wendy Johanson

Wendy Johanson

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