Elect Lawrence Dale, for Wisconsin's North-woods 7th Congressional District- Dump Duffy

I've worked and lived in the Wisconsin north-woods for the better part of the last 20 years while the Democrat and Republican pseudo leaders have let corporations channel /outsource 53,000 U.S. manufacturing facilities since 2001. Along with those lost plants, our technology and know-how has also gone to China, thereby consolidating a dangerous anti-democratic , totalitarian police state, one with no moral compass.

Now the Democrat and Republican candidates line up to be corporate  (proxies). This guarantees them their campaign funding as it obligates them to vote the corporate line. These campaign funds source are resources fleeced from U.S. tax payers and paid as subsidies to wealthy corporations. They're also derived from the profits expropriated from wage-slavery pay and conditions imposed on the Chinese people.

By contrast, the Green Party rightly accepts no corporate donations- Greens abhor the perception of U.S. elected officials being bribed and the Chinese peoples' subjugation financed by American corporations.


Lawrence Dale

Lawrence Dale

See Dale's bio sketch, platform , petitions and position paperson his website.
$215.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00