David England

I would like to be a part of building an alternative political association which addresses issues of class, wealth distribution, sustainability, energy and resource consumption, and empire.  The Green party is much closer to this ideal than the Democratic party has become. I have made the switch, as I no longer believe that my priorities have any weight with the Democrats.

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    We have an exciting slate of Wisconsin Green Party candidates this year - but to put them on the ballot, we need to gather over 10,000 signatures total by June 1st.

    Please contribute to help us hire petitioners to put the party for people, planet and peace on the ballot for every Wisconsin voter!


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    I am contemplating joining, as I find much (though not necessarily all) of the Green Party’s philosophy aligns fairly well with my own. Is there someone in the party leadership or at some level of party governance in my area with whom I could speak to get a better sense of what the state party offers and what party structure exists in my part of Wisconsin? Thanks.

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