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    I’ll be there, Dave, thanks for reminder.

    I will make the following statement at Sat June 26 Safe Skies rally, on behalf of Mad WILPF, US WILPF Women, Money & Democracy Committee, AllianceForJustMoney, and the Green Party BMRC.

    The message is supported by Chapter IV Section N of the GPUS Platform.

    Happy to include Four Lakes Greens and/or Wisconsin Greens on my sponsor list if authorized.

    Greetings, fellow diehards! Many thanks to Safe Skies, Clean Water and to WNPJ for organizing this excellent get together.

    Women’s lnt’l League for Peace and Freedom has worked to stop inhuman weapons programs since WWI. It’s not going well, so we are digging deeper.

    We have found that our money supply is all created by banks’ special power to turn my loan contract magically into cash.

    It’s called bank-credit money. The clerk simply types the principal amount into my account, based on my promise to return it with interest. It does not come from any other account.

    We have found that this exclusive power to create the nation’s money for their own benefit, over a 100 years, has made the banking system into a giant wealth vacuum cleaner, whose purpose is to increase the power of the powerful.

    F-35Bombers yield financial and physical power. Modest housing only yields well-being which counts for nothing in this system. Palms are greased. Murderous, noisy, toxic F-35 bombers are generously funded but housing is “too expensive.”

    We here at Truax today are a tragic illustration. Our city is humiliated, our water poisoned, and we are told it’s for our own good. Of course I’ll call Baldwin on Mon morning, and recommend you do. She needs to hear how this feels.

    As a kid I used to roll my eyes when my dad talked about this stuff, but he had suffered the humiliation of losing the 4 generation farm. He studied hard to understand why, and came pretty close, by himself, with his reading machine for the blind.

    Now, more researchers are cutting through the screens and distractions that block wide understanding of our backwards system. To recover our dignity, heal our environment and get back on the trail to democracy, we must have a sane money system.

    My handouts are monetary reform starter kit: including blurbs on some popular proposals: Public Banking, Greenbacks.

    For those of us horrified at the amount of fear and misery on this abundant planet, we propose a system that switches the vacuum’s hose, you know? Put it on the other end where it blows the contents back out. My dad would approve too.

    He used to say money is like manure. It’s only good when you spread it around

    We have a privatized for-profit money system that rips the nation off systematically and

    refuses to fund the needs of people and the planet. We need a public money system that will. Too complex? too unclear? – H Switzer

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    good video, Barb, Tom, thanks.
    looking for the petition now to download and print, and to attach to emails. Is it true the electors are now all set?

Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson