Go Green!

I support the Wisconsin Green Party because The Green Party is the best political body to act in accordance with my values which are integrated in its structure.  Politically, our choices as Americans are limited to 4 viable parties, unless you begin a new party.  I choose not to reinvent the wheel the Greens already built, but instead join the only non-corporate party that lives the values I believe in:

I believe democracy is the best practice for decision making in our government and our economy.

I believe all people have the potential to do great things, and we should treat everyone with fairness and respect.

I believe humans have a huge responsibility to the planet in which we live, and we ought to maintain the health of the ecosystem for human and non-human inhabitants.

I believe we don't have to base our economy on war, and that our society can achieve peace.


Barbara Dahlgren

Barbara Dahlgren

I have been volunteering with various parts of the Green Party for about a decade. I have helped with Jill Stein's last two campaigns for President, and was a co-chair of the Greater Milwaukee Green Party. Now I am a Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Green Part