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Join Winona LaDuke and Howie Hawkins at the WI Greens Spring Gathering!

We're thrilled to announce that Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabe author, activist, water protector and 2-time Green Party VP candidate, will be joining us at the Wisconsin Green Party 2021 Spring Gathering state membership meeting this Saturday April 17, 2021! Winona LaDuke will join an awesome lineup that includes Wisconsin Greens and allies as well as Howie Hawkins, lifelong activist, union worker, Green Party US co-founder, and 2020 Green Presidential nominee. The theme of the gathering will be "A Party for Working People" and we're also looking forward to hearing from Madison Common Council candidates Brian Benford and Tessa Echeverria, Warren Emstom, Co-Chair of the Milwaukee DSA chapter and lead organizer of the successful union organizing campaign at the Milwaukee Art Museum, leading Green New Deal advocate Mike McCallister, and more. Click here to see the full agenda and RSVP!

WI Green Party updates membership dues policy

The Wisconsin Green Party has updated its membership dues policy to provide clarity on how members can stay current on their dues and their status as members in good standing. Read on for the updated WIGP Membership Dues policy, adopted 3/9/21: Continue reading

WI Green Party Spring 2021 Newsletter

The Wisconsin Green Party Spring 2021 newsletter is here! Read the latest on what the WIGP has been up to, including Spring elections, our Spring Gathering, opposition to F-35s in Wisconsin and the Point Beach Nuclear Plant license extension, WI Conservation Congress, Turtle Mascot Contest and more! Click here to view and download the WIGP Spring 2021 newsletter.

Vote Tonight!

Wisconsin Conservation Congress Vote Today, Monday, April 12th   The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is a unique body of elected delegates publicly funded by the State to give Wisconsinites more input on issues significant to the Natural Resources Board and DNR.  Each Spring, there is a public hearing including elections and citizen input on questions posed by the DNR, advisory committees, and from citizens.  This year, there will be no hearing in person, but from April 12 at 7PM the citizen input will be open for your votes online for 72 hours from that time. Greens have supported two advisory questions appearing in Milwaukee, Dane, and Ashland Counties for the Conservation Congress to support a Green New Deal, and to improve the democratic organization of the WCC through additional District Leadership Council membership based on population. A variety of anti-mining and other questions of environmental concern will also be on the ballot in all counties.  In order to see the questions, and participate in the online public hearing questions, please follow the link:

WI Green Party 2021 Spring Gathering April 17

The Wisconsin Green Party 2021 Spring Gathering state membership meeting will be held on Saturday April 17, 2021. The theme of the gathering will be "A Party for Working People" and we're excited to welcome special guest speaker Howie Hawkins, union worker, lifelong activist, Green Party US co-founder and 2020 Green Presidential nominee. Go here for more information about the WIGP 2021 Spring Gathering!

Support Green-endorsed local candidates!

Please contribute to help Wisconsin Greens elect local candidates who stand for people and planet over profit! The Wisconsin Green Party has a decades-long track record of helping elect some of the most progressive local officials in the country. All our candidates pledge not to take a cent of corporate campaign money. Together we've shown that people-powered campaigns can take on big money and win. Please give what you can to our local candidates support fund to help elect more Green-endorsed candidates in Wisconsin! Learn more about our Green-endorsed candidates in Madison, Milwaukee, and Baraboo.

ACTION: Oppose Point Beach Nuclear Plant license extension

The Wisconsin Green Party stands with Physicians for Social Responsibility in opposing the proposed license extension for Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. We call on concerned citizens to submit written opposition in public comment to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by Wednesday 3/3 before 10:59 pm about environmental and safety concerns regarding the Point Beach nuclear reactors. - Your comment should if possible list a media or scientific reference to back up each concern. See resources below for more information and references. -Once you have written up a comment, go to and click on the blue comment box at top left.  It will ask for a brief comment or you can attach a document if your comment is over 5000 letters. Continue reading

WI Greens endorse James O'Neill for Baraboo School Board

The Wisconsin Green Party has endorsed James O'Neill for Baraboo School Board. James is a parent, IT professional, small business owner, activist, and lifelong learner. In his own words, he is running because "As a Human Right education is the most important thing we invest our time and money in because it forms the universal bedrock for equality, creativity, innovation, progress, peace, class mobility, and the ability of individuals to pursue a fulfilling life and to be able to make a difference within Humanity." James is running for Baraboo School Board on a platform of empowering and supporting parents, empowering and supporting teachers, increasing transparency, reducing socioeconomic inequality, and ending destruction of education through government. The Wisconsin Green Party encourages Baraboo voters to learn more about James O'Neill and support his campaign for Baraboo School Board.

Four Lakes Green Party announces slate of endorsements for Madison Common Council in April 2021 election

The Four Lakes Green Party has announced a slate of candidate endorsements for Madison Common Council in April 2021 elections. The Four Lakes Greens chose Patrick Heck and Benji Ramirez in District 2 (dual endorsement), Charly Rowe (D3), Brian Benford (D6), Juliana Bennett and Ayomi Obuseh (D8, dual endorsement), Nikki Conklin (D9), Tessa Echeverria (D12), Brandi Grayson (D14), Grant Foster (D15), and Rebecca Kemble (D18) as the best candidates to advance Green values of grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, and ecological sustainability on the Madison Common Council. Please contribute to the Wisconsin Green Party Local Candidates Support Fund to help Wisconsin Greens elect local candidates who stand for people and planet over profit! Continue reading

WIGP Co-Chair Jo' Nathan Kingfisher Interview

Wisconsin Green Party Co-Chair Jo' Nathan Kingfisher was recently interviewed on the podcast You Don't Have to Yell. Watch the interview on Youtube: