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    Peace Action Wisconsin Vigil

    On August 7th, Peace Action Wisconsin will be holding a vigil for the bombings of Hiroshima. Ally's of the Peace movement are invited to attend.

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    Hello, my name is Sam Michael and i’d like to be nominated for a national committee representative. I would also be interested in being a recording secretary. I have been with the green party since 2016. I have petitioned for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker in 2020. I’ve worked with the Green Party At UW-Milwaukee. I think I would be a great recording secretary because i’ve taken notes for peace action Wisconsin, and have had experience with note taking at meetings. As a national committee rep I think I would have some good ideas on how to improve the messaging of the green party, and help make the Green Party a strong viable party in the near future. I would also look to ensure that we have Greens running in every local election.

    WIGP officer self-nomination

    Open positions to be elected at the 2021 Fall Gathering:

    1 Co-Chair (2 year term, must have been a Green Party member in good standing for at least 1 year prior)

    Recording Secretary (1 year term)

    Correspondence Secretary (1 year term)

    Operations Treasurer (1 year term)

    Elections Treasurer (1 year term)

    2 National Committee Representatives (1 year term)

    2 National Committee Alternates (1 year term)


    Coordinating Council Representatives (1 year terms):

    The coordinating council meets once per month (usually by conference call/virtually) to make decisions about Green Party activities between our semi-annual membership meetings.  These representatives are often very active in the committees which handle decisions about elections, candidates, events, membership drives, building locals/caucuses/or districts, newsletters, media presence, Green Party materials, the platform, and more.

    Besides the 2 Co-Chairs, secretaries, and treasurers, members are elected from a variety of districts, locals, caucuses, and general at-large members for coordinating council representation:

    -8 Congressional District Representatives: Each congressional district is to elect one representative 

    -The Greater Milwaukee Green Party elects one representative

    -The Four Lakes Green Party elects one representative

    -8 At-large members from any district/local/or group are elected by the general membership

    No person can be elected for 2 seats or have more than 1 vote on the coordinating council.  For example, the Greater Milwaukee representative cannot be the same person as one of the 8 at-large or the district representation.  None of the officers (co-chairs, secretaries, or treasurers) can run for these positions because they are already on the coordinating council as officers.  National Committee representatives may run for these seats.


    Please identify the position(s) you are running for, and describe your experience with activism and/or the Green Party, as well as why you think you would be a good fit for this position in the box below.

    See our Officers and Committees page for descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of Officers and Coordinating Council Members.

    Thanks for your interest in building the Wisconsin Green Party!

    Submit self-nomination

Sam Michael

Sam Michael