Melissa Minkoff

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    The purpose of this message is to formally articulate my concerns about Thistle Pettersen’s involvement in the Wisconsin Green Party. Many of us who have been politically active in the Madison community are aware of her Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) views, which are bigoted and harmful and should have no place in a political party that wants to claim that it is “progressive.”

    I was in attendance at the 2020 Green Party Fall Gathering and witnessed firsthand how Thistle quickly maneuvered to dominate the discussion with toxic, bigoted rhetoric – rhetoric she spouts often and poorly attempts to disguise as “feminism.” This did a disservice to the gathering and made at least one participant feel uncomfortable enough to articulate that, as a newcomer to the party, they felt unsafe and unwelcome. I believe that Thistle’s behavior is damaging and does a disservice to the Wisconsin Green Party and I left the gathering with a very negative impression of the state of the party myself (particularly when I learned that Thistle was allowed to run for several positions within the party which could potentially give her power and influence to affect party policy and official positions).

    Thistle has a long history of spreading hateful rhetoric and then attacking anyone who challenges her. As stated earlier, her history and reputation is well known in several communities in Madison. I must admit that I have, and am, reconsidering my desire to support the 4 Lakes Green Party (and by extension, the Wisconsin Green Party), as I have no desire to be publicly affiliated in any way with someone who holds and promotes such venomous, regressive, bigoted views.

    I hope the Wisconsin Green Party will consider taking action to stop giving this person a platform for their hatred. Thistle Pettersen should not be allowed to hold office within the Green Party, and in my opinion, should not be allowed to be an active member of the Green Party at all. I am unable to attend tonight’s meeting but I do plan to vote against Thistle’s political aspirations within the party at any opportunity and I implore others to do the same.

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Melissa Minkoff

Melissa Minkoff