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I was born and raised in Southwestern Germany, about 2 hours northeast of Madison’s sister city Freiburg. At the age of 30 I moved to NYC, met my husband, and stayed there for over 8 years. He started a postdoctoral fellowship at UW-Madison in 2011, and I followed and moved to Madison in January 2012 to go back to school. Because my 3-year German banking degree is a vocational degree, I had to go through undergrad first before I could go to grad school. I got my BBA summa cum laude from Edgewood College in January 2014. The same year I started my MBA at UW-Madison, and because I could not find the concentration I wanted, I started a MA in Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership at Edgewood College in 2015 simultaneously. I finished both degrees in May 2017. My husband and I got married in Dubuque in August 2013 (right after the U.S. v. Windsor case), and I became a U.S. citizen in June 2017. I currently work as a program manager for the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC) and set up residential energy efficiency loan programs throughout the U.S.

The issue that I see as the most pressing issue of our times is the need for a radical transformation of our economy into a carbon-neutral economy. At the current rate the world has about 20 years left before we hit 3,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is believed to be the maximum for 2°C warming. However, massive challenges like these also come with lots of opportunities. I would like to make sure that Wisconsin is at the visionary forefront of this development so that Wisconsinites can benefit economically and socially. Neither Democrats nor Republicans in Wisconsin seem to see the enormous opportunities, and no one seems to be willing to make the investments necessary for our future. In fact, no one even seems to be willing to make the political decisions that are necessary for a radical transformation. Meanwhile, countries and states that see the opportunities of green jobs end up with net job creation and they set themselves up for a competitive economy in the 21st century.

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Alexander Law

Alexander Law

I hold an MBA from UW-Madison, as well as a MA in Sustainability Leadership. My professional experience include 8 years in banking (including 4 years for a cooperative central bank in Germany), and 12 years in finance. I currently work as a program manage