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I think that the fundamentals of American Democracy are being undermined by big business interests, who regard the planet and the majority of people that inhabit it as assets, not as equals. This is wrong and must change so humanity can reach its true potential.

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    I just went Green!


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    I signed up to volunteer for Wisconsin Green Party. Real progressives for real change! Together we can succeed!


    Sign up as a Wisconsin Green Party volunteer today! If you have certain skills to offer or certain issues you are especially interested in, please let us know in the comments box.

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    I am a writer and was wondering if you accept articles to post on the Website? Obviously things related to the Greens or current political events would be the topic. Let me know!



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    Run for Office

    There's no better way to build local Green Party chapters, grow our membership, and create the change we want to see than by running for office.

    The Wisconsin Green Party is seeking candidates now for 2016 local and state elections. We will be holding campaign schools for Greens interested in running for office and their campaign teams.

    If you're interested in running for office, sign up here and we'll get in touch!

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Peter Carriveau

I work as an Archivist and part time writer. Change comes first at the local level, so let's make it happen!
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