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I think that the fundamentals of American Democracy are being undermined by big business interests, who regard the planet and the majority of people that inhabit it as assets, not as equals. This is wrong and must change so humanity can reach its true potential.

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    The Wisconsin Green Party is seeking members to actively participate in the work of the party by joining our committees and teams.

    If you would like to get involved, please use the below form to indicate the committee(s) or team(s) you would like to join and submit a statement of interest describing: your involvement in the Green Party, other relevant political or activist experience, your motivation for getting involved, your availability, and any other information you consider relevant.

    Descriptions of Committees and Teams

    Membership Outreach Committee:

    The Membership Outreach Committee is responsible for outreach to new and existing members; recruiting new members; maintaining a database of current members; tracking memberships and collecting dues; determining what data should be collected from members; assisting members with formation of new local groups; assisting local groups with access to resources; providing the local and state parties with materials for recruiting new members; recruiting members to committees, teams and caucuses; outreach to underrepresented areas and communities; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals. 

    Elections Committee:

    The Elections Committee is responsible for tracking all elections in the state; prospective candidate recruitment and outreach; initial vetting of prospective candidates; providing information and guidance on election-related filing, paperwork and due dates; recruitment and training of campaign volunteers; acting as a liaison between candidates and the Coordinating Council; promoting endorsed candidates; developing and maintaining an endorsement policy; providing training materials for campaigns; organizing campaign schools; offering guidance on ballot initiatives; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals. 

    Finance Committee:

    The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and maintaining an annual budget for the party; maintaining the party’s finances and accounts; providing a monthly finance report to the Coordinating Council; planning the fundraising operations of the party; assisting the state and local parties with fundraising, including training and materials; developing and maintaining a fiscal policy for the party; reporting and filing with the state and federal governments as necessary; overseeing merchandise sales; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals. The Operations Treasurer and Elections Treasurer should be members of this committee, as should the Treasurers of the local parties.

    Communications Committee:

    The Communications Committee is responsible for facilitating communications with the party’s membership, the media and the general public; producing regular newsletters and mass emails; creating content for the website and social media; creating written and printed materials and graphic design, including templates for local chapters; providing support and training in communications for the state and local parties and candidates; creating press releases and working with the media; overseeing advertising and marketing; pioneering new forms of communication for the party; developing and maintaining communications policies and procedures; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals.

    Platform Committee:

    The Platform Committee is responsible for facilitating the process of amending the party’s platform; developing and maintaining a platform amendment policy; soliciting feedback from members on the platform; educating members about the platform; organizing the platform in a way that is easy to read, search and reference; offering guidance on campaigns and communications regarding issues covered by the platform; producing a shortened manifesto version of the platform when requested by the Coordinating Council; working with elected officials to develop policy in line with the platform; introducing amendments to address new issues as needed; working with candidates on campaign platform development; advising local parties on issues and platform development; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals.

    Information Technology (IT) Committee:

    The IT Committee is responsible for managing the party’s website, member database and other technological assets; providing training and tech support for all programs including email, database software, social media, wikis, and other software and technology; manage shared documents; maintain login information for accounts; maintain regular backups of data and records; and coordinating with other committees, the national party and other entities as necessary to achieve these goals.

    Structure Team

    The Structure Team is responsible for reviewing the party’s constitution/bylaws and recommending structural changes, and drafting a policy and procedure manual. The Structure Team shall research other parties’ bylaws, policies and procedures; review proposed amendments published in the Fall 2017 newsletter; coordinate with the Communications Committee to inform members about proposed changes; adhere to due dates set by the Communications Committee and Coordinating Council (CC); and adhere to recommendations and decisions from the Coordinating Council.

    The Structure Team shall make a presentation at the Spring Gathering recommending proposed amendments to the WIGP Constitution and the proposed policy and procedure manual, and hold a wrap-up meeting that incorporates suggestions from the Spring Gathering to modify the policies and procedures. 

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  • commented on WI Greens Fall 2017 Newsletter 2017-11-21 13:59:54 -0600
    It was great to get a comprehensive overview of each of the state chapters and a general view of Wisconsin Greens. It was just the right length and had good variety.

  • commented on WI Greens Party 2017 Fall Gathering Nov. 11 in Muskego 2017-11-10 12:54:24 -0600
    Hello Fellow Greens,

    Do we have anyone we are throwing at the 2 special elections that were just announced? Here is a link to the information. We should try to get someone running in these. I know we had a Green running for mayor of Racine recently and that is one of the vacant legislative seats that is up for grabs. Just a thought…

  • commented on Greens endorse six in Dane County 2017-04-06 14:13:53 -0500
    How did these elections go? Winners?

  • commented on WIGP officer self-nomination 2017-04-04 11:21:29 -0500
    I would be interested in becoming the second representative for District 7. I see there is only one representative and I live within the qualified area.

    WIGP officer self-nomination

    Please identify the position(s) you are interested in running for, and describe your experience with activism and/or the Green Party, as well as why you think you would be a good fit for this position.

    Available positions up for election at the 2016 Spring Gathering include both co-chair positions.

    Here is the description of the co-chairs' duties from the WIGP Constitution:

    The Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs shall work together to coordinate the activities of the organization. The Co-Chairs are empowered to speak publicly for and in the name of the organization on issues of the day and the policies and positions of the organization between Coordinating Council meetings in accordance with our adopted Key Values and Platform. The Co-Chairs may convene Coordinating Council meetings as they deem necessary and must do so at the request of five (5) or more current Members of the Coordinating Council or ten (10) or more Members in good standing of the organization. Co-Chairs contemplating the issuance of statements or press releases not specifically covered by the Key Values or Platform should consult with a majority of the Coordinating Council prior to making any such statement.

    Thanks for your interest in building the Wisconsin Green Party!

    Submit self-nomination

  • commented on Officers and Committees 2017-03-29 15:09:10 -0500
    Where are the council districts located? How are they broken up?

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    I just went Green!

    Contribute to the Wisconsin Green Party!

    Contribute to the Wisconsin Green Party today! We invite you to become a dues-paying member of the Wisconsin Green Party. Annual membership dues help us continue to build the party. Our suggested minimum dues are as follows:

    Individual: $36 ($3/month)

    Household: $60 ($5/month)

    Activist: $120 ($10/month)

    Pillar: $240 ($20/month)

    Student/low-income: $12 ($1/month)

    Thank you for your support!

    If you'd like to set up a monthly contribution, go here.


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    I signed up to volunteer for Wisconsin Green Party. Real progressives for real change! Together we can succeed!


    Sign up as a Wisconsin Green Party volunteer today! If you have certain skills to offer or certain issues you are especially interested in, please let us know in the comments box.

    If you'd like to consider joining one of our committees or teams, go here.

    Become a volunteer

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    We should get the word out about the upcoming special elections to see if we can get a Green on the ballot.

    Contact Us

    Have a question, comment, or suggestion, please leave it below.

    You can also contact us by mail: 

    P.O. Box 108
    Madison Wisconsin 53701

    Send Feedback

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    Run for Office

    Running for office is a fantastic way to create the change we want to see and build the movement for people, planet and peace.

    The Wisconsin Green Party is seeking candidates now for 2018 local and state elections. We will be holding campaign schools for Greens interested in running for office and their campaign teams.

    If you're interested in running for office, sign up here and we'll get in touch!

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