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    Officers and Committees


    Green Party Wisconsin's Officers


    Michael White

    Dace Zeps

    Recording Secretary:

    Corresponding Secretary: 

    Molly Katzfey

    David Schwab

    Operations Treasurer:

    Elections Treasurer:

    Bobby Gifford

    Pete Karas


    Coordinating Council District Representatives

    CD1  Shanon Page, Scott Page
    CD2 Read Eldred
    CD3  Joseph Behn
    CD4  Tiffany Anderson, Samir Moukkadam
    CD5  Alan Schultz, Eugene Barufkin
    CD6 Thomas Ward, Jeff Reese
    CD7  Melissa Thomas
    CD8  2 seats vacant

    National Committee Delegates: Bruce Hinkforth, Michael White, Greg Banks

    National Committee Alternates: Tyrone Payton, Myriah Jackson, George Martin

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